Audio bootlegs of radio and tv performances

For a complete list of all radio and television sessions by the Smiths and where to find them on official releases, see radio sessions and television performances. This section only details uncollected radio and television sessions.


Uncollected radio sessions on bootlegs

"Wonderful Woman" (Jensen session 1983):

"I Don't Owe You Anything" (Jensen session 1983): "Pretty Girls Make Graves" (Jensen session 1983): "Reel Around The Fountain" (Jensen session 1983): "How Soon Is Now?" (Peel session 1984): "London" (Peel session 1986): "Half A Person" (Peel session 1986):  

Uncollected television appearances on audio bootlegs

"This Charming Man" (the Tube or Riverside 1983; studio version):

"What Difference Does It Make?" (Y.E.S. 1984): "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" (Y.E.S. 1984): "Hand In Glove" (the Tube 1984): "Still Ill" (the Tube 1984): "Barbarism Begins At Home" (the Tube 1984): "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" (Earsay 1984): "Jeane" with Sandie Shaw (Charlie's Bus/Splat! 1984): "Still Ill", "This Charming Man" and "Hand In Glove" (excerpts; Datarun 1984) "Bigmouth Strikes Again" (Whistle Test 1986): "Vicar In A Tutu" (Whistle Test 1986): "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" (Eurotube 1986): "Panic" (Eurotube 1986): "Sheila Take A Bow" (the Tube 1987): "Shoplifters Of The World Unite" (the Tube 1987):