"The Cradle Snatchers"


Track listing:

  • Is It Really So Strange? (John Peel session 1986)
    available on the official album "Louder Than Bombs"

  • London (John Peel session 1986)
    no official release

  • Sweet And Tender Hooligan (John Peel session 1986)
    available on the official albums "Louder Than Bombs" and "The Sound Of The Smiths" [deluxe edition]

  • Half A Person (John Peel session 1986)
    no official release

  • Reel Around The Fountain (Tate outtake 1, slow)

  • You've Got Everything Now (Tate outtake 1, slow)

  • Miserable Lie (Tate outtake 1, slow)

  • These Things Take Time (Tate outtake 1, slow)

  • Wonderful Woman (Tate outtake 1, slow)

  • Handsome Devil (Tate outtake 1, slow)

  • Hand In Glove (Tate outtake 1, slow)

  • What Difference Does It Make? (Tate outtake 1, slow)

  • I Don't Owe You Anything (Tate outtake 1, slow)

  • Suffer Little Children (Tate outtake 1, slow)

  • Pretty Girls Make Graves (Tate outtake 1, slow)

  • How Soon Is Now? (Peel session 1984)
    no official release

  • What Do You See In Him? (live 4 Feb 1983)

  • Purple Haze (soundcheck 16 July 1986)


This is a reissue of various LP bootlegs on cd. The first four Peel sessions were lifted from the 7" bootleg "The Final Radio Sessions" (which also mislabels them as "These Things Take Time", "What Difference Does It Make", "You Handsome Devil" and "The Night Has Opened My Eyes"). The Troy Tate outtakes were taken from the "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" LP bootleg. The last three tracks were likely lifted off the LP edition of "A Nice Bit Of Meat".

More info on Troy Tate outtakes here.