Track listing:

  • live Oxford 18 March 1985
    • William, It Was Really Nothing
    • Stretch Out And Wait
    • That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
    • Shakespeare's Sister
    • The Headmaster Ritual
    • Still Ill
    • Meat Is Murder
    • Miserable Lie
    • Barbarism Begins At Home
    • You've Got Everything Now

  • live Kilburn 23 October 1986
    • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    • How Soon Is Now?

  • Half A Person (John Peel session 1986)
    no official release

  • London (John Peel session 1986)
    no official release


There are better and more complete bootlegs for the live material featured on this cd. Click on respective dates for more information. The two uncollected Peel sessions are also available (perhaps in better quality?) on the "Wonderful Woman" bootleg.