"Wilde About The Smiths"


Track listing:

  • Hand In Glove (live 4 Feb 1983)

  • Panic (audio from 1986 tv appearance on The Eurotube)

  • Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (live 9 May 1984)

  • Miserable Lie (Peel session 1983)
    available on the official "Peel Sessions" EP

  • How Soon Is Now? (alternate studio outtake)
    from the Italian "William, It Was Really Nothing" 12" single

  • I Know It's Over (live 28 August 1986)

  • Still Ill/This Charming Man/Hand In Glove (audio from 1984 tv appearance on Datarun)

  • Vicar In A Tutu (audio from 1986 tv appearance on the Whistle Test)

  • Meat Is Murder (live 18 May 1985)
    available on the official album "The Sound Of The Smiths" [deluxe edition]

  • This Night Has Opened My Eyes (audio from 1984 tv appearance on Y.E.S)

  • Accept Yourself (live 3 June 1983)

  • Sheila Take A Bow (audio from 1987 tv appearance on the Tube)

  • The Queen Is Dead (live 12 December 1986)

  • Still Ill (audio from 1984 tv appearance on The Tube)

  • Girl Afraid (live 2 March 1984)

  • Barbarism Begins At Home (live 4 May 1984)

  • This Charming Man (live 6 December 1983)

  • Jeane (featuring Sandie Shaw; audio from 1984 tv appearance on Splat!)

The digital edition on the internet features "I Know it's Over" from 28 August 1986 and "Still Ill", "This Charming Man" and "Hand In Glove" excerpts from the Smiths' appearance on television programme Datarun.