"The Peel Sessions"
October 1988


What Difference Does It Make? (Peel session 31/5/83)
Miserable Lie (Peel session 31/5/83)
Reel Around The Fountain (Peel session 31/5/83)
Handsome Devil (Peel session 31/5/83)

UK CD [Strange Fruit SFPSCD055]
UK CS [Strange Fruit SFPSC055]
UK EP [Strange Fruit SFPS055]
France CD [Off The Track JD-OTT-170106]
France CD [1991 reissue on Strange Fruit WMD 642203]
France CD [1994 reissue on Virgin 892598 2]
France CS [Off The Track JD-OTT-170106]
France EP [Off The Track JD-OTT-570106]
Holland CD [Strange Fruit SFPS055]
Holland CS [Strange Fruit SFPS0554]
USA CD [Dutch East India DEI8302-2 (printed Canada)]
USA CS [Dutch East India DE18302-4 (printed Canada)]


Additional information:
In the mid-late 1980s, the BBC started releasing some of their Peel session programmes to the buying public. One artist's four-song session was featured on each release, dropping the interview that often accompanied the initial broadcast. The Smiths were the 55th band to be given the treatment in the UK. The session selected was their first, recorded on 18th May 1983 and broadcast for the first time 13 days later. Tracks from later BBC appearances are available on other Smiths releases such as the "Hatful Of Hollow" compilation or the "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" single, to name a few. See the Songs And Versions list or the Smiths Radio Performances pages for more information on other Peel sessions by the Smiths.


Artwork information:
The original UK, France and Holland release features the series' generic artwork, a silver, black and white list of many artists having recorded a session for John Peel. More personalized artwork was created for the UK and Holland cd reissues from 1994, and for the American edition.