"A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours"


This song came together shortly before or during the recording sessions for the "Strangeways, Here We Come" album which took place in March-April 1987 at Wool Hall Studios in Bath, with Stephen Street as producer, helped by Johnny and Morrissey.


album version {3:00}
"Strangeways Here We Come" album


This song has never been performed specifically for radio or television.


This song was never done live by the Smiths. It has been performed live 15 times by Morrissey after the Smiths. It started off the 2004 You Are The Quarry tour as a regular, played 13 times out of the tour's first 16 dates, then dropped. It only returned for two more performances in October 2012, on the first two nights of that tour's ill-fated American leg.

live Manchester 22 May 2004 {3:25} [Morrissey after the Smiths]
"Who Put The 'M' In Manchester?" live DVD


No demos or studio outtakes of this song have leaked to the general public at this point in time.