"Accept Yourself"


The song was written circa April 1983 at about the same time as "I Don't Owe You Anything" and "You've Got Everything Now".

Two different versions were professionally recorded in July/August 1983 at London's Elephant Studios with producer Troy Tate during the sessions for the band's debut album.

It was recorded again on 25 August 1983 for the band's second appearance on David Jensen's BBC programme (first broadcast on 5 September 1983), with producer John Porter.

The definitive version was recorded in September 1983 at Matrix Studios in London with producer John Porter.


single version {3:55}
• original 12" of "This Charming Man", except UK and Belgium remix 12"
• cd-single re-release of "This Charming Man", except UK cd-single #2 and USA cd-single #1


David Jensen radio session 5 September 1983 {4:02}
"Hatful Of Hollow" album


This song has been performed live at least 16 times by the Smiths, perhaps up to 25 times when taking into account the number of unknown setlists from the early Smiths days. All performances happened in 1983 before the release of the band's debut album. It was setlist regular (or almost) from its live introduction in May 1983 to October 1983 when it was given an official release on the "This Charming Man" single. It was then more or less dropped for some time before returning sporadically on a handful of dates in the last few months of the year, after which it was dropped from the setlist permanently.

There are no officially released live recordings of the song at this point in time, but bootleg recordings are circulated.


early piano version {4:34}
This very early studio outtake featuring piano, Morrissey yelps, backing vocals and a very long outro has yet to be given an official release or even leak on a bootleg.
definitive Troy Tate studio recording {4:30}
This is found on record company cd-rs of Troy Tate's work for the band's debut album, but it has not been officially released nor has it leaked on bootlegs yet.
Troy Tate studio outtake {4:03}
This studio outtake is similar to the above with additional work done to it, and with a faded outro. It is commonly found on bootlegs.
early Troy Tate studio outtake {4:04}
This early mix includes piano and Morrissey shrieks following the line "time is against me now". It is commonly found on bootlegs.
alternate Troy Tate studio recording {4:04}
This alternate version is not found on manufactured bootlegs but has leaked on the internet. Information here.
Crazy Face rehearsal for Troy Tate {4:19}
This band rehearsal ahead of Troy Tate's involvement with the material that would become the band's debut album has leaked on the internet in 2012 in a package titled the "Pablo Cuckoo Tape". Information is found here.