8 October 1991
DeMontfort Hall, Leicester

The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
Interesting Drug
Mute Witness
Our Frank
Sister I'm A Poet
November Spawned A Monster
Driving Your Girlfriend Home
My Love Life
Alsatian Cousin
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Pashernate Love
Piccadilly Palare
There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends
King Leer
Asian Rut
/The Loop
//Disappointed (with Cosmic Dancer intro)
The final date of this second UK leg wasn't its highlight. Morrissey seemed to be going through the motions and wasn't very talkative. Portions of the audience seemed subdued, but this didn't stop many fans in the front to try and successfully make it up on stage.

There were a few significant setlist changes, order-wise and content-wise. The most historically memorable thing about this date is the live debut of "Pashernate Love". The song would only be released the following summer as a b-side. Not only was it being played live for the first time, it was also the first composition with someone from Morrissey's new band (in this case Alain Whyte and Gary Day) to be given in one way or another to the fans. Along with that, "There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends" returned to the setlist, replacing "Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together" and "That's Entertainment".

Despite the numerous setlist rearrangements, "Interesting Drug" and "Mute Witness" were still kept as a pair, the first was followed by the second without interruption. Newest single "My Love Life" was introduced with the words "This song is called 'My Love Life'." Before "Pashernate Love", Morrissey asked "This song is very new and... so please be gentle, it's called 'Pashernate Love'." The version of "The Loop" performed on this date was a particularly rocking one, it was almost aggressive.

As a second encore, the band started playing "Cosmic Dancer", but after Morrissey did the first line "I was dancing when I was twelve", the band went straight into "Disappointed", as they had been doing for a few dates. In the latter song, Morrissey changed a line to "your friends and your foes, would rather die than have to shag you". Then came the surprise: after the line "This is the last song I will ever sing" Morrissey abruptly dropped his microphone and dramatically left the stage, followed by his musicians. It might have looked like Morrissey was angry, but the whole thing was planned like this. He would keep on dramatically exit like this on the following leg. The crowd chanted Morrissey's name, and tried cheering him back, but the concert was over.

Thanks to Aubry Gillio for providing some of this information.


A rather poor audience recording of the full concert is circulated on fanmade cd-rs and on file sharing networks on the internet.


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