"My Love Life"
September/October 1991


My Love Life (UK version)
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (UK version)

UK 7" [HMV POP1628]
Australia CSS [EMI Australia 2655-4]
EEC 7" [EMI 006 20 4483 7]


My Love Life (UK version)
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (UK version)
There's A Place In Hell For Me and My Friends (KROQ radio session)

UK 12" [HMV 12POP1628]
EEC 12" [EMI 060 20 4483 6]
Holland CD5 [EMI 20 4483 2 / CDP 560]


My Love Life (US version)
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (US version)
Skin Storm

USA CD5 [Sire/Reprise 9 40163-2]
USA 12" [Sire/Reprise 9 40163-0]
USA CMS [Sire/Reprise 9 40163-4]


My Love Life (UK version)
The Loop
Skin Storm
That's Entertainment
Pregnant For The Last Time
I've Changed My Plea to Guilty (UK version)

Japan CD5 [Toshiba EMI TOCP-6909]

Additional information:
In Japan, early copies of the cd-single were sold with a bonus cd-sized puzzle. The photo used for the puzzle is the same one that had previously appeared in the UK and Europe on the "Pregnant For The Last Time" single. View left.

The UK 7" was mostly pressed with the contractually-specified-by-Morrissey paper label, but some copies have a silver injection moulded label.


Artwork information:
Morrissey, photographed by Kevin Cummins. The back has a yellow tinted photo of Oscar Wilde shorts or boxers taken by Linder (view left). The USA cassette single has an unusual yellow tinted cover (view left).

The Japanese cd-EP has Gary Day and Alain Whyte (from Morrissey's band) holding Jobriath's self-titled album. A different take is found on the back (view left). Both photos were taken by Morrissey at Camden Workers Social Club (London).


Etchings on vinyl:


Additional release date information:
USA: 17 September 1991
UK: 30 September 1991
Japan: October 1991


Chart peak information:
UK: 29
USA: (didn't chart)


UK: This single was the fifth of five consecutive ones promoted with the help of a retro-style promo 7" (POPDJ1628; view on the left). Some copies of the stock 7" were allegedly sent to radio or retail with a press release. A one-track In Phase promo video of "My Love Life" and a two-track promotional video featuring the video for this song and previous single "Pregnant For The Last Time" also served promotional purposes. Stock cd-singles with a promo sticker on the case may also have served to promote the release of "My Love Life" in the UK.

EEC: Promo 7"s are just like stock ones but they have an additional 2-line promo warning printed on the label.

Germany: Stock copies of the EEC 7" were sent to radio with a EMI Germany press release.

Japan: Promo cds have a white and red promo sticker on the back tray inlay and 'Sample not for sale' etched in red around the cd's inner ring.

USA: Promotion was mainly done via gold-stamped copies of the 12" and one-track promo videos (Warner Bros/Reprise D11107). "My Love Life" was included on volume VII of the Reprise various artists promo/sampler series "Follow Our Trax", titled "All Roads Lead To Chaos" (PRO-CD-5067; apparently also available on promo cassette). The video for the song was included on two different various artists promo compilations from Warner/Reprise (D09917 and D18868). It was also collected on an issue of the ETV various artists promo video series and the May 1992 issue of the Rockamerica promo videos series .