"The Very Best Of The Smiths"
collectors appendix


Germany/Europe CD [WEA 8573 88948 2]
The basic 'international' edition of this compilation comes in a jewel case with clear tray. It has a Warner 'w' logo etched in the bottom right corner of the case's front panel. Most copies have a round silver "Digitally Remastered" sticker on the front. View front and back artwork from the menu on the left. Three typos are found in the text on the back of the cd's original edition: "The Boy With A Thorn In His Side", "Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before" (lacking 'Think') and "John Ported". Two of these typos were corrected on later pressings, but not "Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before". The booklet opens on a page showing a black and white photo of the band (view 'inside booklet' from left menu). This is next to a page of credits. Three pages of liner notes by Paul Lester follow. Lyrics are then reproduced over 11 pages. The final two pages feature an illustrated discography with track listing in which both "The World Won't Listen" and "Louder Than Bombs" (as well as all WEA compilations) are missing. The back of the booklet shows another black and white photo of the band, this one over an orange background (view left). The Charles Hawtrey photo is repeated behind the transparent cd tray. The cd surface is deep pink with black text and the words "The Very Best Of" in silver (not coloured).


Germany/Europe CD promo [WEA 8573 88948 2]
Stock copies of the first, pre-corrections version described above were made into promos by having a small white "Promotional Copy Only Not For Resale" sticker affixed to the back of the case.


Germany/Europe CD-r [Warner Strategic Marketing]
This item very likely served in-house purposes. The cd-r disc has very minimal black text on it: the name of the band at the top above "Best Of" in a plain font and the Warner Strategic Marketing logo at the bottom. The disc is slipped inside a card sleeve showing the album's artwork on the front and a black and white track listing on the back, below the name of the band and "Best Of", and above a Warner Strategic Marketing logo. Most of the titles in the track listing are abbreviated.


Argentina CD [Warner Music Argentina 8573 88948 2]
The front of the Argentina cd is identical to its European counterpart. The back is similar to the corrected European back. It differs from it only by the additional Warner Music Argentina credits beneath the Warner Music UK credits at the bottom, and additional Warner Music Argentina logo beneath the other logos. There doesn't seem to be any differences to be found inside or on the back of the booklet. The disc looks very similar to the European disc, but the shade of orange is not the same, the font of some of the text was changed, a Warner Music Argentina logo was added on the left side with the five other logos, the credits at the bottom were adapted for Warner Music Argentina and the warning around the bottom edge was removed.


Australia CD [WEA 8573 88948 2]
The front of the Australian edition is identical to its European counterpart and the back is the same as the corrected version (as described above) except perhaps in the licensing credits at the bottom (to be verified). The booklet is identical to the European booklet aside from obvious licensing/credit changes. Interestingly, the colour of the cd surface is closer to apricot orange than the European pink. The text layout on it is expected to be the same as in Europe and the credits mention Warner Music Australia.


Brazil CD [WEA 8573 88948 2 (?)]
The existence of this item needs to be confirmed. If it does indeed exist, information on how it differs from its European counterpart is needed.


Japan CD [WEA WPCR-13036]
The Japanese edition comes in a jewelcase with transparent plastic tray and features the usual artwork on the front. The obi is white with black, blue and red text and a big red "35th anniversary Super Fantastic Best" circle at the top. Its back shows the track listing in Japanese, a barcode and various copyright notices. The back insert is modelled after the corrected European one. The production credits at the bottom are the same and the 'Made in Germany' line in the label credits was replaced with the Japanese catalogue number. The barcode was moved to the back of the obi and the three logos to the far right. The booklet is identical to the European one. A second booklet, this one with Japanese lyrics and info, is also included inside. It features a black and white version of the Charles Hawtrey artwork on its front. The disc surface differs to the surface of the European cd by a few details such as the catalogue number, the absence of the copyright control logo (GEMA/BIEM), a few different credits, etc. It is more or less of the same colour except for the words "The Very Best Of" at the top which are white. There is a blue square sticker on the front of the case with white Japanese text.


Mexico various artists promo CD [WEA 2001]
The release of this album was promoted in Mexico with the inclusion of "Panic" on the "2001" various artists promo cd which also includes tracks by Eric Clapton, Alice Cooper, Joy Division, Twisted Sister, etc.


Taiwan CD [Warner Music Taiwan 0010072]
The Taiwan edition appears to be the European cd (confirmation needed) sold inside a card slipcase which shows on the front the usual artwork framed in grey and blue with a red and mustard yellow logo in the top left corner (view left). Information on the back of the slipcase is needed.


UK television ad
The release of this compilation was promoted in the UK with the help of a 30 second television ad. Copies of the promo videocassette featuring said ad have made it into the hands of some collectors. Information needed.

UK ad 22cm x 30cm (8.5" x 12")
View here.


UK silver disc
This is an official BPI silver disc issued to commemorate sales in excess of 60 000 copies. It features a compact disc of the album next to the cover art, mounted on a blue background above a silver engraved dedication plaque (example: presented to Morrissey), with mini Union Jack flag in the top left corner. Approximately 20" x 16" framed and glazed.


USA reference CD-R
Warner Strategic Marketing at some point planned on releasing "The Very Best Of The Smiths" in a 2-cd limited edition featuring a second disc of rarities. The reference cd-r for this planned disc 2 has made it into the hands of various people involved in the project. The cd-r has a paper label with blue DigiPrep logo and printed release information, including the date "4-3-2003". It comes in a jewelcase with a folded white card insert. The front of this insert shows a blue DigiPrep logo and printed release information. The back features release information and the track listing. At the back of the tray is a generic Quantegy cd-r back insert. The cd's track listing is as follows: "Reel Around The Fountain" (Troy Tate version), "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" (John Porter monitor mix), "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" (studio version, June '84), "Rusholme Ruffians" (electric version, July '84), "Frankly Mr Shankly" (trumpet version, November '85), "Is It Really So Strange?" (June '86 version), "Paint A Vulgar Picture" (monitor mix, March '87). All the tracks leaked at the end of 2010 on a vinyl bootleg simply titled "The Smiths".