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"Still Ill"
November 1984


Still Ill
Reel Around The Fountain (John Peel session 31/5/83)
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Germany 12" [RT Deutschland RTD018T]


Additional information:
This record was pressed in UK by Rough Trade, but it was sold in Germany, as a single from "Hatful Of Hollow".

The "Still Ill" 7" which served to promote the self-titled debut LP is covered on the page dedicated to the latter album.

A one-track 6" picture-flexi of "Still Ill" was given away with the March 1986 issue of Brazilian magazine BIZZ (issue #8, CGC 0598059/0111-90). View here.


Artwork information:
The artwork that had originally been used for the band's debut single "Hand In Glove" was adapted for this 12". Click on latter title for more information.


Etchings on vinyl:
"I'LL TAKE IT NOW" / none