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"Still Ill"
collectors appendix


Germany 12" [RT Deutschland RTD018T]
Not only are the front and back (view left) of this single adapted from the artwork for the UK-only debut single "Hand In Glove", but so are the colours and text layout of the labels, which are therefore blue with silver text. As the credit on the labels states, the single was made in the UK for export to Germany. The record is slipped inside a plain white inner sleeve.
RTD 018TA / RTD 018B
RTD 018TA2 / RTD 018B
RTD 018 A / RTD 018TB2


Germany 12" one-sided test pressing [RT Deutschland RTD018T]
White label 1-sided test pressing. Additional information needed.

Germany 12" two-sided test pressing [RT Deutschland RTD018T]
White label 2-sided test pressing slipped in white paper inner sleeve then in usual stock sleeve.
RTD 018 A / RTD 018 B

Germany 12" master pressing plates aka stampers
A set of two metal stampers have made it into the hands of at least one collector. Each of these was used to press one side of the 12". The set comes with the two labels, but these are loose, not stuck to the plates.
RTD 018TA2 / RTD 018B


Brazil flexi [WEA/Bizz issue #8, CGC 0598059/0111-90]
A one-track 6" flexi of "Still Ill" was given away with issue #8 of Brazil's Bizz magazine in 1986. It has nothing to do with the German 12" listed above, but this may be the most logical place to list this collectible. The version featured on the flexi is supposed to be the album version, but it may also be the Peel session from the compilation "Hatful Of Hollow", which was actually released in Brazil in 1986.


UK 7" promo [Rough Trade R61DJ]
This item was produced to promote the band's debut album. It is therefore described in the latter release's collectors appendix.

UK 7" reissue 2008 [Rhino UK R61DJ]
This item is only included in the "Singles Box". It, as well as its test pressing and acetate are therefore described in the latter item's collectors appendix.