Unclassifiable Smiths collectibles
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13 May 1983 press release
This press release probably originally served to advertise the Smiths to potential venue/promoters in the hopes of setting up live dates. It is seen inside the sleeve of the 16-track promo cd that served to promote the "Complete" box set from 2011.
View here in pdf format, from Morrissey-solo website

"Smiths - Peel Session"
This cassette featuring the four songs from the Smiths' first Peel session may have served reference purposes in the making of the "Peel Sessions EP", or it was perhaps manufactured for radio airplay, but there are reasons to believe both those theories wrong. The insert is a generic grey "The Tape Gallery" one. Its front shows the logo for The Tape Gallery at the top, above typewritten text consisting of "Smiths-Peel Session" and the track listing. The compilation title is also typewritten on the insert's spine. The insert's back flap is virgin of any text or logo. The cassette is made of black plastic and bears white paper labels on which only "Smiths-Peel Session" appears, again in typewriting. Any additional information or theory about this item is very welcome.

"6 Songs Tied" [USA Warner Bros video]
This is a Warner Bros library video compiling six of the Smiths' promotional films. The videocassette has a large sticker label on its top featuring printed Warner Bros logo and contact info, and typed or computer printed track listing ("Queen Is Dead", "Boy With A Thorn", "There Is A Light", Panic In London", "How Soon Is Now" and "Stop Me If You Think..." [sic]). The videocassette is found in a black hardshell video case with clear pocket in which a contents card is inserted. The front portion of this card repeats what is found on the label sticker. Its side states "The Smiths", "6 Songs Tied", "Warner Bros Rec Library", "03/88", amongst other less interesting technical data.