The music was written by Johnny in the summer of 1985 at the same time as the music for "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others". Morrissey had given the song lyrics by the time they entered RAK Studios in London in September 1985 to start recording what would become the album "The Queen Is Dead".

It was only demoed at RAK. It was properly recorded at the subsequent "The Queen Is Dead" sessions which took place in October-November 1985 at Jacobs Studios in Farnham (Surrey). Morrissey and Johnny produced the recording, with Stephen Street as recording engineer. The song was at the time meant to be on the latter album, but it ended up being relegated to the position of single b-side.


single version {3:54}
• 12" single of "Bigmouth Strikes Again"
"The World Won't Listen" album
"Louder Than Bombs" album


This song has never been performed specifically for radio or television.


This song has never been done live, either by the Smiths or Morrissey, although it has been soundchecked on the September 1985 Scottish leg of the Meat Is Murder tour, perhaps for eventual live airing.


studio outtake {4:16}
Taken from a record company cd-r of a scrapped reissue project, this has not yet leaked on bootlegs.