"Money Changes Everything"
(Johnny Marr)


This instrumental was written and recorded in December 1985 at Wessex Studios in Highbury, London, with producer John Porter.

It was given lyrics and recorded by Bryan Ferry and Marr in June 1986 at Jam Studios in London, to be released under the title "The Right Stuff" in October 1987 shortly after the Smiths split up.


single version {4:40}
"Bigmouth Strikes Again" single, all formats
"The World Won't Listen" album (not on all editions, click on latter link for details)
"Handsome Devils", a French giveaway cd-EP
• UK cd-single#1 and Europe cd-single reissue of "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"
• deluxe edition of "The Sound Of The Smiths" [remastered 2008]


The Roxy 13 October 1987 [tv]
The Smiths never performed this piece on television, this is actually Bryan Ferry doing his song "The Right Stuff" backed by Johnny Marr. It is mentioned here because this song is the Smiths instrumental "Money Changes Everything" with lyrics written by Brian Ferry, and because the performance features Johnny.


This song was the near-standard first encore on the first UK leg and the North American leg of the 1986 Queen Is Dead tour. It was played a confirmed 19 times in total, perhaps 20 times or more if we take into account that some information is missing about some setlists.

There are no officially released live recordings of the song at this point in time.


No demos or studio outtakes of this song have leaked to the general public at this point in time.