"I Want The One I Can't Have"


The song was written and recorded in October 1984 at Amazon Studios in Liverpool, with the Smiths (mostly Johnny) acting as producer and Stephen Street as recording engineer. Overdubs were added the following month at Ridge Farm Studios in Surrey. The song's final mixing was done in December 1984 at Island Record's Fallout Shelter.


album version {3:13}
"Meat Is Murder" album


This song has never been performed specifically for radio or television.


The song has been done in concert 95 times by the Smiths, perhaps even up to 99 times when taking into account the fact that some setlist information is missing for a few 1984 and 1986 dates. This puts it among the top ten most played songs by the band. It was introduced late in 1984 and done consistantly until the end of the year, for a total of 8 airings, perhaps 10. It was on the setlist each and every night on the 1985 Meat Is Murder tour (including the 'loose' dates from early 1986). It was also done on a majority of dates on the 1986 Queen Is Dead tour, for a total of 36, perhaps 38 performances.

The song was done a further 96 times by Morrissey after the Smiths days. It was reintroduced into his sets on the 2002 tour with no name where it was done each and every night. The song was actually the near-standard set opener on that tour. It returned on the 2011 tour where it was done just as assiduously, for a total of 46 airings over 47 dates. It was last heard on the 2012 tour when it was only done three times.

live Royal Albert Hall 17 September 2002 [Morrissey after the Smiths]
"I Just Want To See The Boy Happy" cd-single {3:34}
"I Just Want To See The Boy Happy" download single {4:41 w/ church bells intro}
live Paris 30 September 2002 [Morrissey after the Smiths] {3:38}
• official download at the time of release of the "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy" single


No demos or studio outtakes of this song have leaked to the general public at this point in time.