"I Want A Boy For My Birthday"
(Sylvester Bradford)


This cover of a Cookies b-side was home-recorded circa August 1982 by Morrissey and Marr on the guitarist's TEAC machine for then-bass player Dale Hibbert to rehearse. It was never recorded in a professional studio.


This song was never released in a studio form.


This song has never been performed specifically for radio or television.


This cover song has only been done twice in concert, at the band's first two gigs. Neither of those live performances has ever been officially released or leaked on bootlegs.


The demo mentioned above was put up for auction by Hibbert in 1996. A 30-second excerpt in Real Audio format was made available to entice potential buyers and is still circulated on the internet. It has since been 'remastered' by various fans and made available in more common 'modern' formats such as wav or mp3.

The full demo is now in the hands of a private fan and collector and has yet to be given an official release.