"Fast One" aka "Cowbell" aka "Click Track"


A 3:07 jangly instrumental demo with the working title "Fast One" was recorded at Jam Studios in London in July 1984, with producer John Porter, alongside material that would soon after be released on the "William, It Was Really Nothing" single. It is safe to assume that this music had just been written. If lyrics were ever written for it, they were never recorded.


This song was never released in a studio form.


This song has never been performed specifically for radio or television.


This song has never been done live, either by the Smiths or Morrissey.


A 1:10 excerpt of a rehearsal of the song is circulated on the internet. Its source is a 2006 BBC6 broadcast. This rehearsal features a cowbell sounding click-track, hence its alternate titles (the click track is not in the unreleased and uncirculated full 3:07 studio outtake).