The song was written at RAK Studios in London in August 1985, just before it was recorded (allegedly 'in about two hours'). It must be said that elements from the piano part are very similar to the piano coda used in a 1982 studio recording of "Suffer Little Children" (later dropped for the definitive version of the latter song). Morrissey and Johnny produced the recording, with Stephen Street as recording engineer.


single version {4:09}
"The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" single, all formats
"The World Won't Listen" album
"Louder Than Bombs" album
• deluxe edition of "The Sound Of The Smiths" [remastered 2008]


This song has never been performed specifically for radio or television.


This song has been performed live only once by the Smiths, on 1 October 1985. Morrissey did it 39 times on the 2014 tour, 15 times out of 17 dates in the USA and 24 times out of 32 dates in Europe.

There are no officially released live recordings of the song at this point in time.


No demos or studio outtakes of this song have leaked to the general public at this point in time.