"I Keep Mine Hidden"


These words are transcribed without permission the way they appear in the "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" cd-single. There are no variations between the printed lyrics and what Morrissey actually sings in the studio version.

Hate love and war
Force emotions to the fore 1
But not for me of course of course
I keep mine hidden

I keep mine hidden
But it's so easy for you
Because you let yours flail into public view

Yellow and green, a stumbling block
I'm a twenty-digit combination to unlock
With a past where to be 'touched'
Meant to be 'mental'

I keep mine hidden
But life is so easy for you
Because you let yours slide into public view

Use your loaf 2


1 On the 2009 Tour Of Refusal Morrissey sometimes extended this line to something that sounded like "may force emotions to the fore" or "lay force(d) emotions to the fore".

2 On the first few dates of the 2009 Tour Of Refusal Morrissey extended this line to "why don't you use your loaf", then stopped doing it altogether. He would instead simply shout something improvised, and often undecipherable. When the tour reached mainland Europe, Morrissey often sang "I'm forever blowing bubbles", the title of the West Ham FC anthem.



"Morrissey had this song, 'I Keep Mine Hidden', which was basically Morrissey saying, 'I'm sorry, Johnny. I'm a complete fuck up but please forgive me.' With lots of specific references, it was a very direct song."
- Grant Showbiz, Uncut, 1998