27 October 1986
Guildhall, Preston
The Queen Is Dead
This started off on a good note but the set was terminated after only one song because, at the end of his vocal part in the opener "The Queen Is Dead", Morrissey was wounded by a drum stick thrown back on stage (some people believed it might have been a bottle or a coin). The drum stick had been sent into the crowd at the beginning of the song by Johnny after he used it to accompany Mike on the song's intro. Eventually it was thrown back towards the stage (like many other items before it) and struck Morrissey on the head. The singer dropped the microphone and left. The band waited a bit, then someone announced that the show was on hold for 5 minutes while a doctor examined Morrissey. Shortly after, there was an announcement that he had to be brought to an hospital and that the concert had to be cancelled.

Fortunately there was no violence like in Newport the week before when something similar had happened, probably because the show never really started. It felt more like a false start than like a show being cancelled.


A good audience recording of the only song of this concert is available on fanmade bootlegs (recorder: Soundsville International's Steve). It is usually preceded by the Romeo And Juliet intro and followed by the two announcements. This is also available in digital format on the internet.


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