8 March 1985
Winter Gardens, Margate
Nowhere Fast
Barbarism Begins At Home
Still Ill
How Soon Is Now?
Shakespeare's Sister
Handsome Devil
The Headmaster Ritual
Reel Around The Fountain
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
Hand In Glove
Rusholme Ruffians
I Want The One I Can't Have
What She Said
William, It Was Really Nothing
Meat Is Murder
/Miserable Lie
The setlist was significantly scrambled but the tracks were more or less the same as earlier on the tour, except for "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" which was surprisingly skipped. It was replaced by "Barbarism Begins At Home" which returned for the first time in a short while, moved to an unusual early spot in the setlist.

The crowd was appreciative but slightly subdued. Morrissey was therefore less talkative than usual. He greeted the audience upon entering stage and after "Still Ill" he asked "John, lights, please...". Then, to the audience: "Thank you for spending your giros on us". "Shakespeare's Sister" was introduced with "This, naturally, is the new single... which is called... 'Shakespeare's Sister'." Before going into "The Headmaster Ritual", something - possibly a glass - was thrown on stage and Morrissey enquired "Who threw that?". Then after the song he asked "Any questions? (then to someone) You?". He must not have appreciated the reply because he tsked before introducing the next song, "Reel Around The Fountain", with the words "This is a song about David Frost".

Shortly after, "Rusholme Ruffians" was described as "...a song about being stabbed". For some reason, he then let out a spooky laugh. Coming back for the encore, Morrissey took a jab at the audience's lack of enthusiasm: "Now are you sure 'cause we don't want to twist your arm or anything you know... We don't want to force this on you... I know it's very painful..." He must have managed to stir the audience to a satisfactory level because he then said "okay..." and launched into encore "Miserable Lie".


A generally good (but at times slightly distorted) recording of this concert is available on fanmade cds from bootleg traders (recorder: Soundsville's Steve). Two different transfers of this recording have made it onto the internet. The best one, straight from the master, is the scarcest of the two. The inferior other one, probably transfered from a tape copy, is more commonly found.


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