14 June 1984
Caley Palais, Edinburgh
Nowhere Fast
Girl Afraid
Handsome Devil
This Charming Man
William, It Was Really Nothing
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Still Ill
I Don't Owe You Anything
Barbarism Begins At Home
Hand In Glove
/Pretty Girls Make Graves
/Miserable Lie
//What Difference Does It Make?
//You've Got Everything Now
This concert was a success. After set opener "Nowhere Fast" the crowd broke into a chant of "Morrissey! Morrissey!", the first of many chants throughout the evening. Morrissey himself wasn't at his most talkative unfortunately. He didn't chat with the audience and only briefly introduced a few songs, such as "William, It Was Really Nothing" with "This song will be our next single", "Still Ill" by barking "Still! Ill!" and "Barbarism Begins At Home" with "This one's called 'Barbarism Begins At Home'." Besides this he greeted the audience after opener "Hand In Glove" and he replied to hecklers after "Still Ill" with a snappy "What!".

There was no surprise in the setlist.


A good audience recording of the main set (so up to "Hand In Glove") is available from certain bootleg traders as well as on the internet. This is sometimes found under the title "Edinburgh Caley Palais 1984".


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