17 November 1983
Westfield College, London
Handsome Devil
Still Ill
This Charming Man
Pretty Girls Make Graves
This Night Has Opened My Eyes
What Difference Does It Make?
Hand In Glove
Reel Around The Fountain
Miserable Lie
/Accept Yourself
/This Charming Man
//You've Got Everything Now
The Smiths supposedly tried to pull out of this gig, but this is unconfirmed. The show was one of the best of this period. The audience kept shouting requests and had to be shushed a few times. Only students of the College could attend.

After "Still Ill" Morrissey asked "Does anybody feel very charming?" and this served as an introduction to the next planned number, "This Charming Man". After the latter song, as people kept shouting requests for "Miserable Lie" or "Reel Around The Fountain", he said "Well well well..." and shushed them. He had to do more shushing after "Pretty Girls Make Grave". When it was finally time for fan favourite "Reel Around The Fountain", he introduced it with the words "So, I think it's time for 'Reel Around The Foutain'..."

After "Miserable Lie" Morrissey shouted "Goodbye!" and he and the band left the stage. They soon returned under a thunder of applause. Morrissey just said "Well?" before the band launched into first encore "Accept Yourself". Following a second helping of latest single "This Charming Man" he said "Thank you! Bye-bye! Thank you!" and the Smiths left the stage again. They finally returned for a second encore and did "You've Got Everything Now", which was introduced by Morrissey screaming in a high pitched voice the 'Now' in "You've Got Everything Now!!!".


There are two different audience recordings out there, both of average quality. The best of the two features the full set and is uncredited while the other, not far behind in sound quality, is credited to recorder Dik.dik.dik and lacks the second half of the final song. Two inferior transfers (via different tape copies) of the uncredited recording are circulated under the titles "Incredibly Charming" and "College Heroes". The latter title is paired with two songs from 18 November 1983 and an instrumental of "This Charming Man" from an unknown source (definitely not 3 March 1984).


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