25 September 1983
Lyceum Ballroom, London
Pretty Girls Make Graves
Wonderful Woman
Miserable Lie
Reel Around The Fountain
I Don't Owe You Anything
Hand In Glove
What Difference Does It Make?
These Things Take Time
Hand In Glove
Supporting Gang Of Four with other support, The Orson Family. Tickets were 3.50.

The setlist was quite surprising, and not because of its length or omission of regulars like "Handsome Devil", "Accept Yourself" or "You've Got Everything Now". Being booked in between two other bands, the Smiths were probably not given more than 30 minutes anyway. But "Hand In Glove" was performed twice. Also, recent additions "This Charming Man" and "Still Ill" were not performed while "Pretty Girls Make Graves" became the opening track. "Wonderful Woman", which had been neglected lately, was reinstated.

This was not the best performance for that period in time. Morrissey wasn't very talkative and sounded as if he was just going through the motions. It was probably dawning on him that The Smiths didn't deserve to open for others anymore. They had become successful enough to draw bigger and bigger crowds on their own. Quite a few people came for the Smiths as well as Gang Of Four, so "Pretty Girls Make Graves" was very well received. After the cheers subsided, a modest Morrissey exclaimed "Oh come now".

For the first time Morrissey introduced the line "What to be said of her" in "Wonderful Woman", as it is heard on the "This Charming Man" single. The song was actually being recorded at that time for release on the latter single, which explains the growing similarity between the live performances and the studio version. "I Don't Owe You Anything" was introduced with "I don't. Owe you. Anything. Which isn't true... so..."

"What Difference Does It Make?" was very well received, prompting Morrissey to say "Don't be greedy". He then introduced the next song with the words "Do you realize that these things take time?" The audience was warming up to the Smiths so the latter was also very well received. Morrissey then asked "Okay, what should we do?". They launched into a second helping of "Hand In Glove" after which Morrissey just exclaimed "Goodbye! Stay handsome! Goodbye!" and the band left the stage.


A rather good audience recording from this concert (minus the first half of the opening track) can be found from bootleg traders, sometimes under the title "Pretty Girls Make Grave". This is also reasonably easy to find in digital format on the internet.

A soundboard version of this concert is rumoured, but it is likely this same recording as the one above. The quality is good enough for some people to assume it was done from the sound desk.


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