11 August 1983
Warehouse, Leeds
You've Got Everything Now
What Difference Does It Make?
Handsome Devil
Wonderful Woman
Reel Around The Fountain
These Things Take Time
I Don't Owe You Anything
Hand In Glove
Miserable Lie
/Accept Yourself
//Hand In Glove
This was a quieter concert than the recent London one. Smithsmania hadn't yet caught Yorkshire as much as London or Manchester. This didn't stop Morrissey and the band from giving a very energetic and convincing show. Morrissey wasn't very talkative, his only banter until the encore was the introduction of most of the songs before their performance, plus a few thank you's and a goodbye.

After "Miserable Lie" the band left the stage as the crowd loudly cheered. The MC came on and apologised for "...the erratic nature of the lighting" and asked the crowd if they wanted more. The newly conquered audience did, so the band returned. Before going into "Accept Yourself" Morrissey asked the crowd "Are you sure? How do you know?" After the song the same scenario was repeated: the band left the stage, the MC came on and reiterated "Okay some of you still want more!", the Smiths returned and Morrissey asked again "Are you sure? How do you know?". However this time the audience was treated to a second helping of "Hand In Glove". At the end of that final number the MC took the microphone one more time to thank the Smiths and let the audience know that their single "Hand In Glove" was "...available at Virgin or HMV..."

Support was provided by a band called Flowers Of Evil.


An average sounding audience recording of the full concert is available on the tape/CD-R trading market, sometimes under the title "Back To The Music". This has also made it on the internet. The scarcer lossless files feature the best version of the recording out there. The more common MP3s usually feature an inferior transfer via a higher generation tape copy.


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