7 August 1983
Lyceum, London
You've Got Everything Now
Handsome Devil
What Difference Does It Make?
Reel Around The Fountain
These Things Take Time
I Don't Owe You Anything
Hand In Glove
Miserable Lie
The Smiths were supporting Howard Devoto (a friend of Morrissey's) and industrial band SPK. According to a review in Melody Maker, this show didn't turn out as well as could have been expected at the time. The audience was mostly there for headliners and at best politely applauded the Smiths.

When the band entered stage Morrissey greeted the audience with "We are definitely the Smiths..." After opener "You've Got Everything Now" he exclaimed "So there!" followed by a shout the next planned title, "Handsome Devil". After "Reel Around The Fountain" he hushed the audience and announced the following song: "Ssshhh!... 'These Things Take Time'." After the latter number he introduced the following planned one with "And for all you delicate individuals, I am one, 'I Don't Owe You Anything'."

The Smiths had only one single available for purchase at that point in time so Morrissey introduced it with "If you bought (cough)... if you bought this record, why don't you buy it again... 'Hand In Glove'." Because the band was opening for two other artists there was no encore. The final song of the evening was thus introduced with "Thank you, a last one, 'Miserable Lie'."

It is not impossible that "Wonderful Woman" was performed on this date. Its position in the setlist would have been between "What Difference Does It Make?" and "Reel Around The Fountain".

Tickets were 3.50.


An audience recording of the set listed above minus the latter half of "Miserable Lie" is traded between bootleg collectors. The quality is slightly below average. This has made it on the internet.


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