10 July 1983
Nightmoves, Glasgow


This concert is generally assumed to have been cancelled. However, in an interview given to the Daily Record in 2013, guitarist Johnny Marr said "Our first gig was at the Ritz in Manchester and the Night Moves gig was about our fifth or sixth gig. It was in Sauchiehall Street and I remember it well. It was quite terrifying because the furthest I had ever been was Prestatyn. I remember standing on the stage playing to that enormous audience of 11 people. It was an amazing gig because it was amazingly empty. Honestly, at that Night Moves gig, I felt like they had better be the kindest 11 people in the world or this was going to be the shortest set you’d ever see. That’s how I felt but the truth of the matter was very different. When you are starting out and playing to tiny crowds you can turn it into a real thing between you and them. I have stood in a crowd of a few people and you really feel for the band. I remember thinking the few people who were at Night Moves were probably the most clued-up people on the planet. It gave us a little bit of a bond with everybody. After that gig, we got our audiences fairly quickly. We didn’t have to do too much of that, but it toughens you up and makes you a better musician. You can’t hide."

Fan Robert Christie confirms the existence of this concert and its low attendance, but says that it actually took place on 9 June 1983, the night of the UK general election which Thatcher won.