6 May 1983
University Of London Union, London
Set list unknown.
The Smiths were billed between The Laughing Clowns and headliners The Sisters Of Mercy. They replaced previously booked band Babaluna. This gig is said to have earned them their first appearance on the John Peel BBC radio show. Rough Trade were about to release the band's first single, "Hand In Glove", and the label's plugger Scott Piering brought BBC produced and talent scout John Walters to see the Smiths. The latter was convinced and he invited the band to cut their first session two weeks later in London.

The exact setlist is unknown, but the opener was "You've Got Everything Now". "Miserable Lie", "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle", "Handsome Devil", "Reel Around The Fountain", "Hand In Glove" and possibly a few more were performed.

Dave McCullough from Sounds: "The very appearance of them must have blown nobody headliners Sisters Of Mercy off stage".

Tickets were 2.00 in advance and 2.50 at the door.


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