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Musicians: Boz Boorer (guitars, perhaps more), Jesse Tobias (guitars), Matt Walker (drums), Solomon Walker (bass) and Gustavo Manzur (keyboards, accordion, harmonica, guitar, etc).

The image on the bass drum's skin was a cropped detail of Italian actor Anthony Franciosa's head from the image also used as a backdrop (see 'Backdrop' below), with the word "Arthounds" in white tape over it.


Flats: Perth, Inverness, Dunoon, Grimsby
Brother: Dunfermline, Hawick
Mona: York, Bradford
All The Young: Stoke-on-Trent
The Heartbreaks: Leeds
Kristeen Young: Middlesbrough, Plymouth

There were obviously no support artist at the festival appearances.


- T-shirt with the words "England Is Mine And It Owes Me A Living" under a crown that has Morrissey's name in small Olde English font inside it. Available in red with white text, green with white text, blue with white text and pink with black text. Probably £20.
- Black t-shirt with Morrissey's name in white on the left breast. Probably £20.
- White t-shirt showing Morrissey in "England" shirt, as seen on the "Glamorous Glue" single. £20.
- Black t-shirt showing Morrissey, arms crossed with cat on his head. Tour dates are printed on the back in white, under "Morrissey" and "Summer Tour 2011" in Olde English font. £20.
- White t-shirt showing Morrissey's head as on the recent "Everyday Is Like Sunday" reissue, but in a green shade, under "Morrissey" in a thick black font. Probably £20.
- Black t-shirt showing Morrissey's head as on the recent "Everyday Is Like Sunday" reissue. Probably £20.
- White t-shirt with "I ♥ Morrissey". The words are black in a vaguely Art Nouveau style, and the heart is red with a picture of Morrissey's head in white inside it. £20.
- Beige cotton tote bag with black image of Morrissey, arms crossed and cat on his head, and "Morrissey" in black Olde English font. £10.
- Black and white poster of Morrissey in bath tub, as on the cover of the "Very Best Of Morrissey" compilation album, but untinted. "Morrissey" in black. £5.
- Limited edition silk screen mini-poster showing image of Morrissey with a cat on his head, in black and white over a yellow and blue background, with "Morrissey" and "Summer Tour 2011" in black Olde English font. Tour dates at the bottom. Hand numbered (nnn/500). £15.
- Black mug showing Morrissey's head as on the recent "Everyday Is Like Sunday" reissue. £8. View.
- Morrissey badges. £5.

Scans or flat photos of any of the above merchandise would be appreciated.




-Perth, Inverness, Dunoon, Hawick: unidentified blonde woman (Diana Dors? Julie Christie? Carol White?). View in situ (original needed).
-elsewhere: black and white image of Anthony Franciosa from the 1962 movie "Senilità". View original and in situ (better in situ image needed).


Here is the number of times each song was performed on this leg, in descending order of frequency. This is based on 29 concerts.

Everyday Is Like Sunday - 29
First Of The Gang To Die - 29
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris - 29
Irish Blood, English Heart - 29
Meat Is Murder - 29
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - 29
You Have Killed Me - 29
Action Is My Middle Name - 28
I Want The One I Can't Have - 28
Ouija Board, Ouija Board - 28
I Know It's Over - 27
Satellite Of Love - 27
Speedway - 27
Alma Matters - 26
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell - 22
You're The One For Me, Fatty - 22
People Are The Same Everywhere - 20
Shoplifters Of The World Unite - 16
The Kid's A Looker - 15
Scandinavia - 13
This Charming Man - 10
Panic - 5
Black Cloud - 3
Come Back To Camden - 2
Art-hounds - 1
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys - 1
The Boy Racer - 1

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Nothing from these dates has been featured on an official release at this point in time.