11 December 1999
Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
The Boy Racer
Hairdresser On Fire
Is It Really So Strange?
Reader Meet Author
A Swallow On My Neck
Half A Person
November Spawned A Monster
Now My Heart Is Full
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
Meat Is Murder
Trouble Loves Me
Alma Matters
/Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
This was a very good, very energetic concert. The audience was still incredibly receptive and Morrissey seemed to be in much better shape than the night before. He was very talkative and kept teasing the audience. He encouraged them to reach the stage with comments like "swim, swim..." or tease them by saying "you lose!" when they failed. The only downside of the evening - for some - was the disappointment of having the encore cut short because of the fans on stage.

Probably because this was the second consecutive night in the same venue and Morrissey knew many fans would be attending both concerts, setlist regulars "Break Up The Family" and "Billy Budd" were dropped and replaced by "Half A Person", "Lost" and "Trouble Loves Me". This was going to the latter song's only outing on this American leg of the tour.

Morrissey was carried onstage at the start of the show and put down in front of his microphone. He then greeted the audience "Hello punk rockers, my name is Madonna (slaps his forehead in realisation) Morrissey!... I haven't gone home crying, I'm still here... it's late when I stop crying, hello again..." After "The Boy Racer" came the second part of his greeting: "Welcome to the first night, which really doesn't make sense... (pointing at various people in the front rows) I know you were here last night, and you were here last night... but you weren't!" After "Speedway" he changed shirts and seeing the audience's reaction, said "Stop laughing at my body!"

After "Hairdresser On Fire" Morrissey asked someone "Where did you buy that suit from? Is it old? About 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s? 60s..." After "Reader Meet Author" he thanked the audience in Spanish ("Gracias!") then added "I think it's probably time I learned another word, I dunno..." Then after "A Swallow On My Neck" he asked someone to "...stop it!". After the incredibly well received "Half A Person" he said "I went - today I was in your Virgin Megastore thing and... while I was in there they played the song 'Boxers' and (crowd cheers)... everybody left the building... what!?"

"November Spawned A Monster" was introduced with the line "This is a song that made me famous in Pasadena... for 2 weeks... and then it was back to the scrapheap..." At the end of "Now My Heart Is Full" Morrissey encouraged a fan who was trying to reach the stage by singing "swim... swim... swim..." After "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils" he said "Thank you for being so gracious..." After "Trouble Loves Me" he asked someone "What does your shirt say? (?) I know it very well... I watched 'Leave It To Beaver'... I'm in 'Leave It To Beaver'..." Then to someone with an unsolicited remark he shouted "Oh shut up!"

After "Alma Matters" Morrissey declared "Suck it... every song is a zinger..." then after a pause, added "Thank you, thank me, thank San Francisco... but why?" In "Tomorrow" he changed a line to "All I ask of you is one thing that you shouldn't do". After the song he shouted "Vaya con Dios!" and left the stage, followed by his musicians. After a short break everyone returned and Morrissey's final words before going into "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" were "A word of advice... my ass is leaving town in ten minutes... be on it". He could only make it halfway into the song until he had to leave because there were too many fans getting on stage. This seems to have angered Boz because he let his guitar drop and followed Morrissey off stage.

This concert was professionally recorded.


A fair audience recording of the complete concert is available on bootleg compact discs and in digital format on the internet.

There is a second audience recording out there, it is of unknown quality and has yet to make it to common circulation and on the internet.


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