1 December 1997
Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden

Do Your Best And Don't Worry
The Boy Racer
Billy Budd
Reader Meet Author
Spring-Heeled Jim
Alma Matters
Paint A Vulgar Picture
Dagenham Dave
Hold On To Your Friends
Roy's Keen
Satan Rejected My Soul
Now My Heart Is Full
/Shoplifters Of The World Unite
This show went down very well. Morrissey was again in a very good mood, but perhaps not as talkative as he usually was at the time. Scandinavia loved Morrissey and the audience was very enthusiastic. A few fans made it on stage during the encore. There was no change in the setlist from the previous night's.

Morrissey and his musicians arrived on stage at the end of the drum intro to "The Operation". The singer picked the microphone and greeted his fans in Swedish ("Got Sweden evening" ?) then in English ("Hallo... hallo..."). The crowd followed "The Boy Racer" with a chant of Morrissey's name and the object of the chant banged the microphone against his chest to its rhythm. After the line "you hear the way this sad voice sings" at the end of "Reader Meet Author", Morrissey handed the microphone to the person he was shaking hands with, but the fan didn't take him up on the invitation to sing the following line.

Morrissey stopped singing at some point into "Alma Matters" and let the crowd do the job. It even kept on singing the chorus after the song was finished. If Morrissey had any doubts about his following in Scandinavia, he must have been reassured because he looked very happy with the audience's reaction. He made a slight mistake in "Paint A Vulgar Picture" when he sang "A-list please them please them please them". After that song he thanked someone for giving him books and shouted "yes, yes, YES! YES!". He followed "Roy's Keen" with the words "Thank you for singing... thank you for singing... it sounds very nice... very nice, very nice, very nice, very nice..." When he returned to the stage after a short break to perform the encore, his parting words before going into "Shoplifters Of The World Unite" were "Thank you, you are beautiful..."


An audience recording of the complete concert is circulated on bootleg DVDs. It is among the best ones of 1997 because it is a montage of clear and steady footage from two different angles and there are nice close-ups.

The audio was ripped from this video and is circulated on bootleg cds and on the internet. It is often seen under the titles "Gothenburg 1997", "Lisebergshallen" or "Live In Sweeden 1997".


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