24 September 1997
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI

Billy Budd
The Boy Racer
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
Alma Matters
Roy's Keen
Reader Meet Author
Ambitious Outsiders
Satan Rejected My Soul
Now My Heart Is Full
Paint a Vulgar Picture
The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils
/Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Overall the band and Morrissey were jubilant and so was the audience. Approximately ten fans made it on stage. "Nobody Loves Us" was replaced in the setlist by "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get". "Sunny" was on the set list but it was skipped.

For some reason Morrissey welcomed the crowd with "Hello Manchester!" and after "Billy Budd", he continued "Thank you Manchester". He never explained why he greeted the audience that way, but after Speedway he said "You can stop booing me, I know this isn't Manchester, and I'm very glad". Besides the above his only significant banter was the introduction of Satan Rejected My Soul" with "and now for the serious stuff".

Morrissey made many of the usual lyric changes and added a few more. In "Alma Matters" he sang "its my fist to ruin my own way". In "Reader Meet Author" he changed a line to "you don't know a thing about my life" and another one to "If a fight broke out here tonight, I'd be the first away because I'm that type".

Morrissey came back on stage for the encore in a Michigan Swimming t-shirt. He would use it as an inspiration for his own "Morrissey Swimming" t-shirt added to the merchandise table later in the tour.


This concert is available from certain traders of bootlegs on tapes and cds, but it is not circulated on the internet yet.


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