16 September 1997
Strand Theater, Providence, RI

The Boy Racer
Billy Budd
Alma Matters
Ambitious Outsiders
Dagenham Dave
Now My Heart Is Full
Wide To Receive
Reader Meet Author
Paint A Vulgar Picture
Roy's Keen
Satan Rejected My Soul
/Shoplifters Of The World Unite
This concert seemed to be appreciated by the fans, but not so much by Morrissey. The man was a bit more talkative than he had been before on the tour, but he often complained about the audience's lack of enthusiasm. He also often seemed to be distracted and made occasional mistakes in the lyrics. Security was brutal, but there were still attempts by fans to make it up on stage. Perhaps 2 or 3 of them were successful. For the first time on the tour, the venue wasn't a seated one (except for the balcony).

The "Southpaw Grammar" content was increased by two songs by the addition of "Reader Meet Author" and "Dagenham Dave" to the setlist, respectively replacing "Nobody Loves Us" and "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get". This was actually the first performance of "Reader Meet Author" on the Maladjusted tour, and therefore in North America.

Morrissey took the stage eating an apple which he then threw into the audience. Later on, he did the same with a pear. As soon as he grabbed the microphone he greeted the audience with "Welcome to the dump!" before going into set opener "Maladjusted". AFter "The Boy Racer" he thanked the crowd "Thank you, Provide-ence". Throughout the evening he would often tease it by purposely mispronouncing 'Providence'. After "Alma Matters" Morrissey made his first comment to the subdued audience: "So I suppose that your feet are stuck to the floor? (crowd cheers) Well, it's that kind of place..."

"Dagenham Dave" was introduced with "this is a song about (undecipherable)". There was a false start and after a few notes the band had to restart the song from the beginning. Then a good portion of it ended up being instrumental, perhaps because of microphone problems or someone on stage. At the end of the song Morrissey roared his last few words, visibly malcontent and after it he apologized with a "Sorry about that, that was crap, sorry...". After "Sunny" he complained to the crowd again: "Do you want to go home? (crowd: 'No!') Why?"

In "Reader Meet Author", Morrissey sang "you quake as you think of how they sleep" instead of "you shake as you think of how they sleep". He seemed to make a mistake in the following line, the whole thing didn't make much sense. He also seemed to make a mistake in "Paint A Vulgar Picture" when he sang "BPI, MTV, Please them! Please them! Please them!". After the song he thanked the audience by repeatedly enunciating the city's name, in an escalating tone, until he was shouting, but at least he was pronouncing 'Providence' properly. After "Roy's Keen" Morrissey had another poke at the audience: "Are you bored? (crowd: 'No!') Sure?"


A poor audience recording of the full concert is in circulation, sometimes under the title "Welcome To The Dump". On the internet, most traders have the full concert, but a few lack the botched "Dagenham Dave".


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