27 November 1995
International Arena, Cardiff

The Boy Racer
Billy Budd
Do Your Best And Don't Worry
Reader Meet Author
Spring-Heeled Jim
Dagenham Dave
The Operation
Now My Heart Is Full
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
The National Front Disco
This gig, which would turn out to be the last one where Morrissey opened for Bowie, went down very well. Morrissey was in good spirits, and so was the audience. Even though he had a few vocal difficulties, the man was still very energetic and gave a great performance. Many fans made it on stage, many of them helped by Morrissey himself.

There was a significant change in the set list content and order, especially in the first few tracks. "Billy Budd" and the pair of "Dagenham Dave"/"The Operation" were reinstated while "Nobody Loves Us" and "We'll Let You Know" were not played. The former was actually on the set list before "Now My Heart Is Full" but was dropped at the last minute.

The newly released single "The Boy Racer" was moved up to the position of set opener. After its performance, Morrissey said "Hello Winnie!". After "Do Your Best And Don't Worry", he answered someone "Oh yeah, oh yeah, sure...". In live performances of "London" Morrissey usually followed the question "Do you think you've made the right decision this time?" with "Oh no, oh no..." but on this date he went for the more positive "Oh yes... oh yes... oh yes...". In "Reader Meet Author", he sang the occasional change "Have you ever escaped from a Manchester life?". After "Now My Heart Is Full", to someone who was shouting something at him, Morrissey asked "Who do I look like? Err, don't answer that...". During the noisy ending to "The National Front Disco", Morrissey removed his shirt and just stook fixedly, bare-chested and with his head tilted back while security tried to stop the fans from climbing on stage.

On every date of this tour Morrissey threw a signed tambourine into the audience after he was done with it, and on this one, the tambourine read 'CARDIFF '95' as well as his name.


A tinny audience recording of the full concert is circulated on bootleg cds and on the internet.


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