24 November 1995
Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland

Do Your Best And Don't Worry
Reader Meet Author
The Boy Racer
Nobody Loves Us
We'll Let You Know
Spring-Heeled Jim
Dagenham Dave
The Operation
Now My Heart Is Full
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
The National Front Disco
This was an excellent show. The fact that this was the first non-seated concert of the tour might have helped establish a good atmosphere. Morrissey was in great spirits, but seemed to suffer from minor voice problems at times. He was playful, very theatrical and mimed lines, especially in "Nobody Loves Us". Security was relaxed so many fans managed to successfully make it on stage. Morrissey even helped and danced with a few of them. "London" replaced "Billy Budd" in the set list.

Morrissey kept pointing at the backdrop of Cornelius Carr during "The Boy Racer" (as a sidenote, Carr was fighting against a boxer named Collins the next night in Dublin and Morrissey attended that fight). The room was half-filled with David Bowie fans but the crowd still broke into chants of Morrissey's name after "Nobody Loves Us" and "London". Lighters were waved in the air during "We'll Let You Know". After the latter number Morrissey interrupted another chant of his name to ask "Could you... could you possibly...", but never managed to finish his question.

After "Spring-Heeled Jim" Morrissey answered yet another chant of his name with a repeated "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!", delivered in a crescendo that sounded like he was having an orgasm. Then following "Now My Heart Is Full" he answered someone who was shouting his name with the question "Yeah? What's that? Is it me? (crowd: yes!) Are you sure? (crowd: yes!) No..." Before set closer "The National Front Disco" he said "Thank you for being so incredibly welcoming, it means a great deal and we hope we'll see you again soon..." At the end of the song he threw his sweat soaked shirt into the crowd.


A fair sounding audience recording of the full concert is circulated amongst bootleg collectors and on the internet, occasionally under the title "Dublin 1995". There are actually at least three different transfers of the show to be found on the internet. They slightly vary in quality, but none of these sounds radically better or worse than others.


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