21 November 1995
NEC, Birmingham

Do Your Best And Don't Worry
Reader Meet Author
The Boy Racer
Nobody Loves Us
Billy Budd
We'll Let You Know
Spring-Heeled Jim
Dagenham Dave
The Operation
Now My Heart Is Full
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
The National Front Disco
This was a good but uneventful concert. Morrissey wasn't very talkative for a change. He rushed from one song to another quite quickly. His only banter was in response to female fans singing "We love you Spencer" after "Billy Budd": "Spencer? He can't hear you, he's too busy...".


A reasonably good audience recording of the full concert is available from bootleg traders. This is also available on the internet. A recording on the internet mis-dated 20 November 1995 happens to be the same recording circulated for this date, with the tracks cut offs at slightly different points, and with slightly better sound transfer.


Do you have information about this concert? Or do you own an uncirculated recording of it? If yes please contribute and get credited.