15 November 1995
Wembley Arena, London

Do Your Best And Don't Worry
Reader Meet Author
The Boy Racer
Nobody Loves Us
Billy Budd
We'll Let You Know
Spring-Heeled Jim
Dagenham Dave
The Operation
Hold On To Your Friends
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
The National Front Disco
This concert was probably one of the best of these November 1995 dates. Security was reasonable and some fans made it on stage near the end. Although not very talkative, Morrissey seemed in slightly better spirits than he was the night before.

Despite having it listed before "Speedway", Morrissey dropped "Sunny" from the setlist, bringing it down to 13 songs, and sped up the pace, in order to play as many as possible in the time he was allocated as an opening act. Besides this, "Now My Heart Is Full" was replaced by "The National Front Disco" which had been planned the night before but scrapped at the last minute. It became the standard set closer until Morrissey pulled out of the tour two weeks later.

Morrissey welcomed the crowd with a bright "Hello London!". He reversed a line in standard set opener "Do Your Best And Don't Worry" by singing "this is you in a drab dress, you on a drab day". In "Reader Meet Author" he sang "no one ever hears me when I cry" instead of "no one ever sees me when I cry". As had become tradition on this tour he threw into the audienc a tambourine with something written on its skin. On this date as well as the remaining ones the tambourine had Morrissey's signature on it. It was thrown into the audience after being used in the instrumental outro to "The Boy Racer".

Following "Nobody Loves Us" Morrissey asked someone "Yes, what's the question?". He updated one line in "Billy Budd" to "Now it's thirteen years on". After "We'll Let You Know" he replied to a fan asking to surprise them with the question "With what? I'm not capable, I'm not capable... I've tried, I've tried, but I'm not capable..."

Throughout the evening Morrissey often teased his fans who were shouting for him to take his jacket off, by pretending to comply. So following "The Operation" he went further and said "I should just warn you... that my trousers are very sticky, so..." In the chaos at the end of "The National Front Disco" he tied his jacket by the sleeves around his waist, tilted his head back, slowly took off his shirt and rubbed it on his chest to sponge the sweat. He then threw the soaked shirt into the crowd to be fought over by the fans.


An audience recording of the complete concert (minus the second half of "Billy Budd") is circulated on bootleg VHS and DVD. The filming was done from the left balcony and the footage is steady.

A reasonably good sounding audio-only audience recording of the full concert is also available on compact disc and in digital format on the internet, occasionally under the title "London 15.11.1995". Audience recordings of "Now My Heart Is Full" and "Sunny" from the night before are occasionally found tagged at the end when this show is found on the internet. These are probably the bonus tracks also found tagged at the end of the "Practising Troublemaker" bootleg from 17 November 1995.


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