22 July 1991
The Dome, Brighton

November Spawned A Monster
Interesting Drug
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
Sing Your Life
King Leer
Pregnant For The Last Time
Piccadilly Palare
Mute Witness
Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Yes I Am Blind
That's Entertainment
There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends
Our Frank
Asian Rut
/Cosmic Dancer
This was a very hectic show. As soon as Morrissey took the stage, everyone in the audience got up on their seats and many fans rushed to the stage. Security had a very difficult time tyring to hold everyone back. Morrissey himself was in a great mood. He often growled his words and at times sounded out of breath from moving around and dealing with the fans running up to him. He posed, danced wildly and often swung his microphone at the end of its cord. The setlist remained the same but "Mute Witness" was moved up.

The action started as early as the opening song, "November Spawned A Monster". As Morrissey collapsed to the floor as he usually did when the song breaks down into the bridge, a fan jumped on stage and lied over Morrissey. Before the end of the song the same happened again. From then on there would be a steady stream of fans running up to their idol.

"Pregnant For The Last Time" was introduced with the words "This is our new single which you should be able to find in any shops that sell indie music." In "Yes I Am Blind" Morrissey left the line "there must be something wrong..." trailing for the fans to sing "...with me". As usual he introduced the Jam cover "That's Entertainment" without saying who it was covered from: "This is a song which... I wrote..." He had the most difficult time singing the two encore songs because he was almost constantly kept away from his microphone by fans running up to him.

"Alsatian Cousin" and "The Loop" were heard rehearsed at soundcheck. They had been played once each on the previous leg of the tour but had yet to be performed on this one. They would be reinstated a few days later, in Doncaster.


An audience recording of the whole of this memorable concert is circulated on bootleg videos and DVDs. Unfortunately it's not the visual souvenir it could have been. A good deal of the footage is obstructed by people standing in front of the bootlegger. It is also quite shaky because the recorder kept trying to film between the shoulders of the people blocking his view.

Two different rather good audience recordings are available on compact disc from bootleg traders as well as on the internet. Both recordings feature the complete concert. Neither of these are the audio from the video recording mentioned above.


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