26 June 1991
Meadowbrook, Detroit, MI

Interesting Drug
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
Piccadilly Palare
Sing Your Life
King Leer
Asian Rut
Mute Witness
November Spawned A Monster
Will Never Marry
Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends
That's Entertainment
Our Frank
/Everyday Is Like Sunday
This concert sold out very quickly, within an hour all tickets were taken. The promoters probably could have filled a bigger venue. Morrissey was in great spirits, he growled and roared some of his lines and moved a lot. His band members were also in the best of moods. Many fans successfully made it on stage. Two of them even got to sing backup vocals on "Sing Your Life". Another one handed Morrissey a necklace which he kept staring at and pushing away until he finally decided to take it.

After "King Leer", Morrissey teased someone by saying "Shshshake it baby!" After "November Spawned A Monster", when the fans were cheering, he booed and then started "Thank you... this song..." but never finished what he meant to say. Instead he hummed a few bars of a melody until the band launched into "Will Never Marry". After "Our Frank" Morrissey thanked the fans and once again looked as if he wanted to say something, but didn't. Finally, returning for the encore, before "Everyday Is Like Sunday", he did it again: "If... if I can just say a words...".


An audience recording of the whole concert is circulated on bootleg cds as well as MP3 files on the internet. The quality of the recording varies from average to very poor.


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