13 June 1991
Park West, Salt Lake City, UT

The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
Interesting Drug
Piccadilly Palare
Sing Your Life
King Leer
Asian Rut
Mute Witness
November Spawned A Monster
Will Never Marry
Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends
That's Entertainment
Our Frank
Everyday Is Like Sunday
This concert turned out well, but was rather uneventful when compared to earlier dates on the tour. Security was very tight in Salt Lake City, and there was a barrier between the audience and the stage. Morrissey wasn't very talkative, but his only significant comment, expressed after "That's Entertainment", apologised for it: "Sorry we're so restrictive, but that's life I believe". Besides that he only started to say, before "Disappointed", "So... before we go..." but hummed a melody instead of finishing his line.

There was no change in the setlist. "Pregnant For The Last Time" was not played again, but Boz or Alain picked its first notes before "King Leer". This was probably not meant as a tease, because the song was not yet released at that point in time.


A poor sounding audience recording of the whole concert is available on bootleg cds and as digital files on the usual file sharing networks.


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