14 April 2009
El Paso (TX), Chavez Theater

This Charming Man
Billy Budd
Black Cloud
How Soon Is Now?
Irish Blood, English Heart
When Last I Spoke To Carol
How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
Something Is Squeezing My Skull
Seasick, Yet Still Docked
The Loop
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
Death Of A Disco Dancer
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
I Keep Mine Hidden
Sorry Doesn't Help
Let Me Kiss You
I'm OK By Myself
/First Of The Gang To Die
Morrissey was on a roll and this was another fantastic concert. Morrissey sounded great, he was playful and very communicative. He reached out and shook the hands of many people in the front rows. At some point he even said "snap!" after teasing fans who were trying to reach for a handshake. The crowd was one of the best from this stretch of concerts. It was very energetic and appreciative. There was no change in the setlist content or order.

One memorable moment came when Morrissey and the band were about to return to the stage for the encore. Morrissey pushed guitarist Jesse out from stage right, but Jesse resisted so Morrissey grabbed him by the waist and carried him on stage in front of the audience before puting him down.


There is an audience recording of the complete or near-complete concert out there, but it has not made it to general circulation yet.

"When Last I Spoke To Carol", "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris", "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others", "Something Is Squeezing My Skull", "The Loop", "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell", "Let Me Kiss You" and "I'm OK By Myself" are featured on "Nights Of Refusal" volume 2, a compilation DVD featuring HD Youtube material from the second half of the American leg of the Tour Of Refusal.


Do you have information about this concert? Or do you own an uncirculated recording of it? If yes please contribute and get credited.