2 May 2007
Santa Rosa (CA), Wells Fargo Center

The Queen Is Dead
First Of The Gang To Die
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
You Have Killed Me
All You Need Is Me
Lucky Lisp
In The Future When All's Well
The National Front Disco
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Everyday Is Like Sunday
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
I Will See You In Far Off Places
Life Is A Pigsty
How Soon Is Now?
Let Me Kiss You
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
/Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
/You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
Performance-wise this was a very good show. Morrissey was fantastic, he was very relaxed and looked like he was enjoying himself. There was a lot of verbal exchange between him and his fans. The audience was into the concert, but not very demonstrative. It must be said that security was extremely strict and controlled the crowd military-style from the stage to the bathrooms. Morrissey even had to intervene at some point when a guard from the venue kept violently pushing people who were only trying to touch his extended hand (details further). There were no changes in the setlist.

As he picked up the microphone at the beginning of the show, Morrissey greeted the audience with a simple "Santa Rosa!..." After set opener "The Queen Is Dead" he was more specific: "Hello to our transportable front row. Wherever they go, we follow." After "First Of The Gang To Die" he asked "Is it safe to say hello? Is it safe? Com-mu-ni-ca-tion, is it safe? (mocks having a conversation with himself, most of it is mumbled) See! Nothing happened!" He changed a line in "The Youngest Was The Most Loved" to "the youngest was the most loved, the youngest was the terror". He thanked the crowd after the song, then had to insist, "no, thank you!". He changed a line in "Disappointed" to "I have spent my whole life appalled at people who are nice".

Before going into the Smiths classic "Panic", as he had done on an earlier visit to Santa Rosa in 2002, Morrissey discussed a Alfred Hitchcock film he liked: "Does anybody here - No? Well, you sure? It might help you... Does anybody remember 'Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt'? (gets mixed responses) Does that mean 'yes' or 'what'? (mocks someone's voice) HITCHCOCK! It's funny, he didn't say it like that. Yes, very well. And did you know it was filmed in this room? Well it wasn't actually, of course, it was filmed just - What? No, you are joking. Would I? Would I risk a joke? I can't see you anyway. Yes it was just made, it was just made (mumbles) - Nobody cares, Julia, nobody cares. All these historical points and nobody cares..."

"Lucky Lisp" was introduced with the line "This next song is strictly for the aficionados and... nobody else will like it of course... but it's..." Between two verses of the song he told the crowd "I knew you wouldn't like it!", which of course was received with a roar of disapproval. After the song he bridged to "In The Future When All's Well" by saying "However, having said that, life, whatever life is, goes on!" Next up, "Ganglord" was introduced with the words "We're extremely versatile, we can play many styles, and here's our favourite. Maestro!" After the song he explained "I prefer to think of this as poetry set to music, but many people have different views of course. (some fan shouts that he's the greatest) What? The greatest what? Well, thank you... I'm too old for compliments, I can't take it..."

The show had not sold out so after "The National Front Disco" Morrissey asked the audience "So we just - we couldn't sell out in Santa Rosa. What the hell else has people got to do? Really. I mean, is Entourage on tonight? I hope so!" He jokingly apologized for missing some high notes in "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" by saying "I'm sorry I croaked on that song but, that's what happens when you're vegetarian, you know... You really need some baby-back ribs to (makes roaring sounds)... to kill you! Just kidding, just kidding, of course. Just kidding! This is the intellectual world... I hope..." Over the opening notes of "I Will See You In Far Off Places" he told someone "What are you gonna do, I'm joking!"

Following "How Soon Is Now?" Morrissey said "We are slovenly grateful. We know you could be elsewhere doing better things. (someone: no way!) Oh yes way! Yes way! Sorry, I'm not from St. Louis, so... So, can you bear more? (crowd: yes!) Do you think that your constitution is up to it? (crowd cheers) However, somebody at the back is saying something I'd love to know... What?... I knew what I said though, it's finished really, is that it? So the next song is actually this...." The song in question was "Let Me Kiss You" and Morrissey changed a line in it to "I've zig-zagged all over Los Angeles". After the song he told the crowd "I think Boz is extremely talented on the guitar. But that's just my opinion, of course! Which counts for... (fan shouts compliment) Well then yeah, are you sure? Well you know, give it time, give it time, and you'll find other interests in life... Mountaineering, pregnancy, it's all waiting for you. You know, we live in a society that likes to keep tabs on people, so, hence marriage of course (giggles)... Which is perfect for controlling folk. And I should know of course because I'm married to all of you!"

One verse into main set closer "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy", the hired security got in an uproar about the fans fighting for a shirt Morrissey had thrown into the audience. Seeing this, the singer stopped the song and said "Well, when the cavalry have left we will continue... Now, I think Custer's lovely but I don't want to sing to him..." Morrissey's own security had to intervene. Meanwhile, on stage, Morrissey filled time with random conversation with various fans: "Thirteen? Only thirteen years? Tsk-tsk-tsk, you should be ashamed... I was there 27 years ago. I had no choice. (sigh) Kerfuffle at the front. (sings) Pom, pom-pom, pom-pom... Hmm? It's very difficult you know. What? Oh, I knew that. Hmm? Sorry. You need a shirt too, well then. So, in return you give me what? (Morrissey pretends to unbutton his shirt, the crowd cheers, Morrissey giggles) Well there, I accept, I accept. So I'm a little bit Mutt and Jeff which means death... Boz? Are you out there? Should we continue? For what reason? Well, as a saying say on (ER?): (roars) I WANT A-MORE A-TIME!" The band then started the song again.

Things got better after this. The hired security must have finally gotten the message because during the encores 2 or 3 fans managed to make it on stage. Morrissey rewarded the braves with shouts of "God bless you!", or the sarcastic "panic!" As the last one walked away of his own accord, Morrissey taunted security by saying "You missed this one! You missed him!"


An quite good audience recording of the complete concert is circulated on audio bootlegs (recorder: JG). The existence of a second recording of the complete or near-complete show is suspected.


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