1 February 2007
Pasadena (CA), Civic Auditorium

First Of The Gang To Die
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
You Have Killed Me
I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
William, It Was Really Nothing
Irish Blood, English Heart
I Will See You In Far Off Places
Girlfriend In A Coma
Everyday Is Like Sunday
In The Future When All's Well
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
Let Me Kiss You
The National Front Disco
Dear God Please Help Me
How Soon Is Now?
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
Life Is A Pigsty
/Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
/Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
The first of three consecutive sold out dates at the Civic Auditorium in Pasadena was a success. Morrissey looked rested, he was very energetic and gave an excellent concert. He had a mock black eye painted on with make up. The crowd lapped up every verse, every handshake, every dramatic gesture. Morrissey kept motioning for fans to come up on stage, and there were quite a few attempts, including two successful ones. On the down side, security was very hard, almost violent with the fans trying to follow Morrissey's invitation.

Morrissey must have been happy with the setlists from the recent December dates in Germany and the UK because there was no change in either content or sequence. At a record length of 22 songs and featuring a good balance of new material, early solo material and Smiths songs, this setlist was also overall very appreciated by fans.

Arm elegantly raised up, Morrissey crooned "Don't cry for me, Pasadena" after making his way centre stage before set opener "Panic". Those opening words were also written on the gong behind drummer Matt instead of the previous year's TORMENTORS. Near the end of "Panic" Morrissey removed his jacket and spun it over his head, echoing how he used to do the same with a noose when doing that song during the Smiths days. After "First Of The Gang To Die" he extended his greeting with the line "Welcome to the Pasolini Civic Auditorium... it's an extremely arty night, as you know... so far..." He started "You Have Killed Me" by singing "Pasolini is me..." then, pointing at the Pasolini backdrop, added "Him! Him!"

After the latter number Morrissey thanked his friends and proceeded with the introduction of the band: "Behind me, beside me, the lucky lisps of the (tormentors?) Boz Boorer... our new friend Solomon Snyder... our old friend Matt Walker... the incredibly old Jesse Tobias... the new Vincent Jones... and my name is (crowd cheers) my name is (crowd cheers even louder) Ricky Ricardo!" Following "Disappointed", "Ganglord" was introduced with the words "So this song was written one night while I was all alone... in Figueroa... that's Figueroa in Scotland... and it's a lovely song called 'Get Back To The Ghetto'." After the song he asked the crowd "So, do you think it should be Hillary Clinton?" There was a mixed response of cheers and boos, which prompted him to say "Yes it would be nice to have a female president, however do not ever forget Margaret Thatcher... there will never ever ever ever be a female prime minister again in England because of Margaret Thatcher... and that's it..."

A line in "I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now" was changed to something that sounded like "They who shouldn't love me look right through me". Morrissey suggestively opened the top of his shirt and caressed his chest as he sang "I don't dream about anyone except myself" in "William, It Was Really Nothing". This obviously got a reaction out of the audience, so the man added "...it's true!". After the song he said something that sounded like "Thank you apples!", then "So with the final remnants of my being I would like to thank you for buying tickets so quickly..." Besides the usual live lyric changes in "I Will See You In Far Off Places" he also sang "one day I will shut my mouth forever" and "and if George W Bush doesn't kill you". He had previously done the latter adaptation in Chicago the year before and would do it at every one of the upcoming American dates.

The 20-year old "Girlfriend In A Coma" was introduced with the line "I think everybody, every human being is somewhat suffocated by their own past, and strangely, strangely I'm no exception and here's why..." Over the opening notes of "Everyday Is Like Sunday", Morrissey repeated "Why? Why? Why?". The latter number's live arrangement was the same as on the previous December dates. However Morrissey reintroduced the older live lyric change "I do believe this is the coastal town". He also sang "Everyday is silent and grey... for me anyway..." and "win yourself a cheap tray... if you must..."

After that song Morrissey had a word with his favourite fan. He asked her "Julia, how are you" and handed her the microphone so she could answer. She returned the question and Morrissey answered "Julia, I'm okay, I'm okay... how are you?". He handed her the microphone once more and this time she answered. Meanwhile people around her were shouting names and insults so Morrissey said "Oh stop it, it's not very nice, this is Pasadena, everybody's nice, soft suburbia!" He then moved along the front row and asked someone else "Anything to say?" He leaned over with the microphone, waited for an answer, then said "Nothing?" and the band launched into the next planned number, "In The Future When All's Well". Morrissey made the usual live changes in the latter number, with the extra "I will lie down anywhere, and be sat on" and "I thank you with what's left of my heart". He was handed a rose at the end of the song, he used it to whip himself then tried to stick its stem inside the microphone.

Before going into "Let Me Kiss You" Morrissey asked "Is the sound okay?" and was only answered by a loud cheer from the crowd. Because Michael Farrell was being replaced for these three dates, there was no trumpet during the bridge of that song, only piano. For the same reason there was no trombone in "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy" (further down the setlist), instead Boz played saxophone. "The National Front Disco" was introduced with the words "Twenty nine years ago there was an album called 'Your Arsenal' (crowd cheers)... so what!" The end of that song saw the first stage invader of the evening. Before going into "Dear God Please Help Me" Morrissey answered the crowd's cheers with the line "So there is even more to be said than 'I love you'... I do... This is a good thing, right?" Following the latter song's line "Dear God did this kind of thing happen to you?", he shouted "no!".

Near the end of "How Soon Is Now?" a fan attempted to make it on stage but failed. It ended with the man being violently slammed down by security and Morrissey half apologizing by saying "Thank you for understanding." At some point Morrissey supposedly quoted a line out of "Ammunition" in his banter. At the very end, he shouted "Vaya con Dios!" and tossed his black shirt into the crowd before exiting.


The first hour of this concert, so up until the end of "Dear God Please Help Me", is being circulated on bootleg DVDs. The recorder is uncredited and the quality is fair. The recording lacks short segments between songs and sometimes within songs. An audio recording of the last 40 minutes of this show is out there, but it is not being shared at this point in time (recorder: Julian).


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