13 December 2006
München (Germany), Zenith

First Of The Gang To Die
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
You Have Killed Me
I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
William, It Was Really Nothing
Irish Blood, English Heart
I Will See You In Far Off Places
Girlfriend In A Coma
Everyday Is Like Sunday
In The Future When All's Well
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
Let Me Kiss You
The National Front Disco
Dear God Please Help Me
How Soon Is Now?
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
Life Is A Pigsty
/Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
/Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
Despite Morrissey's comment the previous evening in Frankfurt about the poor sales in Munich, the turnout was not as bad as expected. Morrissey and his musicians seemed to be very relaxed and to be enjoying themselves on stage. Morrissey was quite talkative. The sound was not perfect, but this was to be expected, the venue was known as having bad acoustics. The audience wasn't the most receptive. The fan favourite "William, It Was Really Nothing" returned to the setlist, replacing "To Me You Are A Work Of Art".

Morrissey's opening words on this date were very simple ones: "Thank you, and would you believe, hello!" After set opener "Panic" he greeted the audience's cheers with "Very nice!" After "First Of The Gang To Die" came his real greeting: "Welcome to an extremely dangerous night... If you come close, you'll get bitten..." In "The Youngest Was The Most Loved" he put more emphasis on a line by singing "We kept him from the world's glare thank God! he turned into a killer". After the song he announced "These songs are full of meaning, full of meaning, full of meaning..." and, probably because he didn't much of a reaction, then asked "What language do you speak here?"

As tradition now dictated Morrissey started "You Have Killed Me" by pointing at the Pasolini backdrop and singing "Pasolini is he, and Mozalini I'm... bound to be!" Tony Visconti (the producer of his latest album) must have been in the audience because further into the song he sang "Visconti is me... Look! Visconti! / Diana Dors you will never be". He also sang "I entered nothing, and nothing much entered me". At the end of the song he pointed at someone in the front rows and sang "I forgive you, I forgive you, sit down, always I do forgive you". After the song came Morrissey's customary band introduction: "Behind me, beside me, five lovely women - men! - Boz Boorer... Gary Day... Matt Walker... Jesse Tobias... Michael Farrell... so goodbye, thank you!"

In "Ganglord" Morrissey slightly changed the meaning of a line by singing that the clock on the wall is making fun and makes a joke "...of you all". Near the end of that number he sang "get your fat ass back to the ghetto". After the song he had a few words with someone in the front rows: "Yeah? What's happened, what's happening now? Did you drop something? Have you lost - you lost your contact lens... I can't help you..." In "William, It Was Really Nothing" he sang "this town has dragged you down, believe me it's true". As usual he changed "God knows I'm trying to live mine" to "I'm here trying to live mine", and on this date he extended it with "...it's impossible!" After the song's fantastic reception he asked "Why are you clapping? I was just being silly, for a change... (then to particulars in the audience) Who? What did he say? Yeah? What?"

"I Will See You In Far Off Places" was introduced with the line "Well of course - surprise, surprise - politically the world is a complete mess, but who the hell cares, I don't! (pause) I do... I care..." In the song, after "I will see you..." he added "yes you!" He sang the usual live change "It's so easy for us to stand here together..." and followed it by the never heard "...but it's impossible for the flesh to combine..." He also sang further down "I will see me in far off places". After the song he said "That song was taken from our recent thing called 'Ringleader Of The Tormentors' which, in Germany's Rolling Stone received three and a half stars... Not four! Not five! Three and a half... Not good enough for four, not good enough for five, three and a half... silly boy, silly-silly boy, three and a half, DAMN!"

In live performances of "Everyday Is Like Sunday" Morrissey usually changed a line to "scratch on a postcard" and on this date he actually extended it to "scratch on a postcard oh Mama! how I dearly wish I was not here". He also extended another line to "Everyday is silent and grey at least when you're on your own". After the song he had a chat with his favourite fan: "See Julia, Julia see... I disappear from the stage for one minute and a black cloud appears... I think... Julia where are you? (someone else answers instead of Julia) Are you Julia? God Julia you've changed, overnight... Where is past Julia? So? (someone shouts that he didn't get his newest album) You didn't what? Because? Distributor? Oh I see, so you are being nice eh? I thought you were gonna hit me! Some people try to... Julia!"

In "In The Future When All's Well" Morrissey playfully sang "I will lie down and be sat on, in the future when all's well". As he sang "I thank you with all of my heart" he stretched out his hand to almost everyone in the first row. He also made previously heard changes such as "Lee, anybody! stand up and defend me". After the song he said "Thank you opera lovers... you realise this is opera? Yeah? Always was... (then to someone in particular) I don't shout in public... just in private..."

"Let Me Kiss You" was preceded by a long introduction: "So the cruel fact of life is that I've never had a romance. I've never (crowd: aaahhh...) well I can live with it, I don't mind, I've survived... I've never been in one of those situations where you love somebody and they love you. I've heard of it, I know it exists, but... pathetically, at the age of 47, I still live in hope... but (crowd cheers)... but Christ knows why, I don't know why... however what I have in life is my little songs, and this is called 'Let Me Kiss You'..." The next song on the setlist was "The National Front Disco" and it was also preceded by an introduction, this time a much less serious one: "This next song was originally recorded by Diana Ross and The Supremes... Maestro!"

In "Dear God Please Help Me", Morrissey followed the line "track me down and try to win me" with "...please!" In "How Soon Is Now?" he sang "...of a shyness that is crippling and vulgar" After that song he cryptically asked "You must excuse my little hispanic face, my little hispanic face... (then to someone shouting to him) well... only from a distance, only from a distance, always from a distance, always..." In "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy" he replaced "let's face it, soon I will be dead" by "please God, soon I will be dead". When returning to the stage to perform the encore Morrissey joked "Now when you drive home, be very careful, don't run over any pussycats, and don't run over any British singers... If you have to drive over one or the other, make it the British singer..."


A muffled and at times distorted audience recording of the complete concert is circulated on bootleg cds and on the internet (recorder: Gaby).


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