24 October 2002
KB, Malmö, Sweden

I Want The One I Can't Have
Little Man, What Now?
Hairdresser On Fire
Jack The Ripper
First Of The Gang To Die
I Like You
Alsatian Cousin
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Sister I'm A Poet
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
Meat Is Murder
Irish Blood, English Heart
November Spawned A Monster
/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
This first of two consecutive concerts in Sweden was a great one. Morrissey and his musicians were in excellent form and the fans, despite having waited more than two hours for Morrissey to come on stage, were very enthusiastic and receptive. The setlist was shortened to 16 songs with the exclusion of "Late Night, Maudlin Street".

As he came on stage Morrissey greeted his fans with the line "Hello to the art deco people of Malmö... Hello!" The classic "Suedehead" was preceded by "I'd just like to ask you one question..." which only made sense when followed by the first line of the song ("why do you come here?"). After "Little Man What Now" Morrissey had a word with his favourite fan: "Well Julia, fancy seeing you here. Surprise, surprise... as always, is the sight of the night. How are you? (crowd cheers) I was talking to Julia. How are you Julia?. Well Julia's nice as well... well, thank you!" In the intro to "Hairdresser On Fire", Morrissey pointed to various people in the audience and said "I like you! I like you!" After the song he joined the crowd in a chant of his name.

"Jack The Ripper" was introduced with the words "In Sweden of course, you self-destruct and take your own lives apparently, whereas in England we have people to kill us. These are the thoughts of Jack the Ripper..." After the song he interrupted another chanting of his name and went "Gary Day! Gary Day! Gary Day!", then asked "What's happening to Sweden?... Yeah but you don't win the Eurovision song contest anymore, do you? Why? Say what?... I remember Teach-In 'Ding-A-Dong', do you remember? (crowd: 'no') Thank Christ!" He then introduced the next song: "You will not know the words to this song... neither do I. It's called... you won't believe me it's called 'The First Of The Gang To Die' (crowd cheers, so Morrissey adds, over the first bars) You don't know this song! No! No!"

The following planned number was also a new one and Morrissey had a difficult time introducing it: "Here is another song and you will not know the words... What? No you won't. Even though... How come? How come though? Bla bla... You were in Copenhagen. Yes, me too! This is called 'I Like You'." He changed a line in the latter number to "No one I ever knew or have spoken to resembles me". After "Alsatian Cousin" he enquired "So, Malmö is famous for...? (crowd: 'nothing!') Uh? For nothing? Are you sure it's famous for nothing? Well... (to himself) famous for nothing..." Following "Everyday Is Like Sunday" he thanked the crowd "...enormously" then enquired "Will you be in Stockholm tomorrow? What for?"

After "Sister I'm A Poet" Morrissey replied to fans: "But you can! Sorry, what was that?... Oh!" Then "The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores" was introduced with "Well, I don't know if you read the music press but if you do, you will know... (crowd: 'Crashing Bores!') Am I really so obvious? Yesss... (very quickly) 'The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores'!" He returned to the subject after the song: "So, the world is full of crashing bores and, I wonder, can you name any? Who? Who? Elton John? Yeah, I think someone said that before you... Who? Enemy? What's that? Aah, Public Enemy... Who? James Dean Bradfield - what, is a crashing bore? Why? A fat crashing bore?... Gene? No, Gene are nice... Gene are nice. They are, they really are..."

"Meat Is Murder", for once, was introduced with humour: "Oddly enough I was speaking earlier about the Eurovision Song Contest and we have been asked to represent England in the Eurovision Song Contest (crowd cheers) and this is our song!" It was followed with the customary introduction of the band: "Would you please let me introduce you to four steaming hunks? Bending is Boz... standing is Gary... sitting is Deano... crying is Alain... (in a Swedish accent and funny voice) and my name is Sven, and I am Irish blood, English heart!" The latter words, of course, served as an introduction to the newish "Irish Blood, English Heart".

The latter number was very well received. Morrissey thanked the audience, then was thanked back, and this prompted him to say "No, thank you! Julia, they're terribly nice, they really are... (crowd, envious of Julia getting the attention: 'what about the rest of us?') I was speaking of the rest - touchy, touchy, touchy... I'm trying, I'm trying... but, I'm failing (giggles)... Er, I am haunted..." Before main set closer "Speedway" he said "Thank you for listening. Thank you for standing... but you have to be up for work tomorrow... (crowd: no!) You have to be at McDonald's sharp (crowd: no!) oh yes!" His final words before the encore were "Thank you for being so kind... Please, don't forget me, don't forget Oscar Wilde, don't forget Johnny Thunders, don't forget Jesus, don't forget Nico, don't forget Klaus Nomi. I love you!"


A very good audience recording of the complete concert is circulated on physical and digital bootlegs. It ranks amongst the best bootlegs of the 2002 tour, soundwise and performance-wise. This is sometimes circulated with artwork under the titles "Malmo Sweden 24.10.2002", "Famous For Nothing" or "Malmo". Collectors of digital bootlegs should be aware that a louder 'remastered' version of this recording is also found on the internet.


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