23 October 2002
Store Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark

I Want The One I Can't Have
Little Man, What Now?
Hairdresser On Fire
Jack The Ripper
First Of The Gang To Die
I Like You
Alsatian Cousin
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Sister I'm A Poet
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
Meat Is Murder
Irish Blood, English Heart
Late Night, Maudlin Street
November Spawned A Monster
/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Just back from the Australian stretch of the 2002 tour, Morrissey tackled the tour's last segment which covered continental Europe and the UK. The man appeared to be in fine form although admittedly jetlagged. He was very talkative, especially with fans in the front rows. The Danish crowd was particularly receptive. Even before the beginning of the show they broke into a chant of Morrissey's name.

After the shorter sets he had played in Australia, Morrissey finally returned to the standard 17 tracks of this leg of the tour. This meant that "Late Night Maudlin Street", "First Of The Gang To Die" and other skipped songs were reinstated, with the exception of "Mexico".

Morrissey came out from backstage to the usual walk-on sound of church bells, limping (faking it) and greeted his audience "Kobenhavn... hello!... The bells!" After a roaring rendition of set opener "I Want The One I Can't Have" he extended his greetings with "Welcome to our little show. We've been traveling from Australia just to be with you, so we're a bit cross-eyed, so if we fall off the stage... (to someone shouting his name) Me?" After "Little Man, What Now?" he said "Thank you for throwing the flowers which makes the stage treacherous, which means, I must be very careful..."

Following "Hairdresser On Fire" Morrissey thanked the audience and chatted with his favourite fan: "Thank you for gathering yourselves here tonight... Are you sure you're okay Julia? You're not too jetlagged? Really? Are you sure? (to some heckler) Oh shut up! (to someone else) Me? Well thank you, see there are nice people in the world... from Roskilde..." After "Jack The Ripper" he replied to someone "Yes friend, what? How can I help you? How?" then introduced the following planned number with "This is a new song which is now reasonably old, it's called 'The First Of The Gang To Die'."

"I Like You" was simply introduced with "This song is about Marabou chocolate. Do you know Marabou? It's called "I Like You'." After the song Morrissey enquired "It's a wet Wednesday in Copenhagen and where else would you rather be? Malmö? London? Washington? Duh... Los Hang-Eles? Salford?" After "Alsatian Cousin" he thanked the audience and someone shouted that he was welcome. No this he retorted "No you're welcome... you're very welcome... (to someone else) Are you sure it's me? Maybe it's the Sugababes, somebody... No? I am a Sugababe!" After "Everyday Is Like Sunday" he said "Thank you everybody... except you at the back!"

After "Sister I'm A Poet" Morrissey - perhaps sarcastically - replied to someone: "Yeah? I've been waiting for you to call me. Where have you been?" He then introduced new song "The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores" with "Just In case you didn't know, just in case you haven't noticed, the world is full of crashing bores..." Someone kept shouting to 'speed it up' so after the latter number Morrissey asked "Is it moving too slow for you? Is it moving too fast for you? Speed it up?" He then bridged to "Meat Is Murder" with "Well the world is full of crashing bores and, on the other hand, there are vegetarians..." After the song he added to the subject: "And in Copenhagen there is so much fur... evil, evil, evil, evil, fur, fur, fur... uuurggh" before introducing "Irish Blood, English Heart".

Following the latter title Morrissey answered someone with "No happiness! Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk... Yeah-yeah-yeah!" After "Late Night, Maudlin Street" he announced "We still have no record deal... because, there's many reasons, can you think of any?... What did he say?... 'Interesting Drug'? (opening notes to "November Spawned A Monster" are heard) No!" Right before going into main set closer "Speedway" he teased "If you can bare any more... no!" than replied to someone with "I know my name... I know it!" Before going into the encore Morrissey's final words of the evening were "Thank you for making us throb..."


A rather good audience recording of the complete concert can be found on physical and digital bootlegs. This is sometimes seen with artwork under the title "Copenhagen".


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