1 April 2000
The Forum, Curitiba, Brazil

Hairdresser On Fire
Reader Meet Author
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Break Up The Family
Is It Really So Strange?
I Am Hated For Loving
Trouble Loves Me
Half A Person
Meat Is Murder
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
Billy Budd
November Spawned A Monster
Alma Matters
Now My Heart Is Full
/Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
This was a good concert. Morrissey was very playful and talkative and often chatted with fans in the front rows. Security was tight and no one made it on stage. For the first time in Latin America he made significant changes to the the setlist. It was shortened down to 17 songs by deleting "Boxers", "Tomorrow", "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils" and "Shoplifters Of The World Unite" and reinstating "Reader Meet Author", "Trouble Loves Me" and "Lost". These additions had been off the Oye Esteban setlist for some time now. "Trouble Loves Me" hadn't actually been played yet in 2000.

As he came on stage Morrissey greeted the audience with "It's a dream to see you!". After the opening song he extended his greeting with "Welcome to a night of extremely dangerous music for really dangerous people... like you, and you, and me, and Alain, and Julia..." Forgetting that Brazilians speak Portuguese and not Spanish like the rest of Latin America he followed "Reader Meet Author" with "Gracias... oh no not gracias, sorry... Obrigado!... Silly me..."

There was a huge crowd singalong during "Ouija Board, Ouija Board". After the song Morrissey had a 'personal' chat with a fan: "I think you were in Australia... I thought you were in Australia?... Oh! She came back... she went to Australia and she came back..." After "Break Up The Family" he started "I'm not going to try to say any more clever Brazilian words, I'm gonna..." but stopped when he saw a picture of himself held by someone in the audience "What? Oh... is that really me? That's really a horrible picture... a horrible picture... can I show them?".

After "Is It Really So Strange" Morrissey pulled out of the audience a very long fan-made banner. He needed the help of Boz and Alain to open it and keep it up. On the banner Morrissey was thanked by fans from Paraguay for coming to South America. His reaction was "It's a beautiful... whatever it is, it's beautiful... I don't know what to do with it... it's a bit big... It's very nice though... Alain will make a shirt out of that!". After "I Am Hated For Loving" he chatted again with someone in the audience: "Where's this from?... Yes?... You spelled my name out wrong... yes, that way, but not that way... it's a very nice picture... a very nice picture..."

There was a false start by Boz at the very beginning of "Trouble Loves Me", which prompted Morrissey to exclaim "Oh, you didn't hear that... I didn't hear that... you actually didn't hear that... Boz..." Next up, "Half A Person" was introduced with "This next song is for... what's oddly known as old time's sake... what does that mean?". Once again the crowd drowned Morrissey by singing along. The following number was another one from the Smiths days and the Brazilians were spared the usual introduction speech: "With this next song... I'm not really sure if there's a point singing this next song, it's... there is no point... Vegetarianos? No. Vegetarianos? No. Whatever... Vegetarianos? Vegetarianos? No. Vegetarianos? No..."

After "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get" Morrissey went into another one of his conversations with front row regular Julia: "Julia, are you eating properly? Did you ever eat properly? You know, you could use a microphone Julia... you need your own microphone..." After "Speedway" he commented on another picture of himself held up by a fan, one which he seemed to prefer: "This is nicer... that's quite nice..." As the opening bars of "Lost" were heard he announced "You don't know this... I do... (after being corrected by a fan) You do..." After that lesser known song Morrissey commented on the audience's lack of enthusiasm with "Have courage! Have courage because... we're not finished yet... we're not finished yet... have courage, because we're not finished yet... courage... finished... yet!".

Following "Billy Budd" Morrissey answered someone's shouts "I don't mind... I'll do anything, tell me what to do and I'll do it..." He then went to one end of the stage to get closer and shushed the audience so he could hear what the fan was trying to say. Morrissey was probably expecting something else but it turned out the fan was only shouting for "This Charming Man". After "November Spawned A Monster" he mocked someone in the audience by going "blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah..." When he returned to the stage after a short break he teasingly announced "I'm going back to the hotel to have a bath... if you want to join me, you can..." before going into encore "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me".


A subpar audience recording of the complete set minus most of "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" is available on the internet.


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