"World Of Morrissey"
February 1995


Whatever Happens, I Love You
Billy Budd
Jack The Ripper (live Paris 22/12/92)
Have-A-Go Merchant
The Loop
Sister I'm A Poet (live Paris 22/12/92)
You're The One For Me, Fatty (live London 20/12/92)
Moonriver (extended)
My Love Life (UK version)
Certain People I Know
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
We'll Let You Know
Spring-Heeled Jim

UK CD [Parlophone CDPCSD163]
UK CS [Parlophone TCPCSD163]
UK LP [Parlophone PCSD163]
Argentina CD [EMI-Odeon 832448-2]
Australia CD [EMI Australia 832448-2]
Australia CS [EMI Australia 832448-4]
Brazil CD [EMI 832448-2]
Brazil CS [EMI 832448-4]
Brazil LP [EMI Odeon 832448-1]
Canada CD [Sire/Reprise CDW-45879]
Canada CD [Columbia House W2 45879; record club edition]
Canada CS [Sire/Reprise 24 58794]
Chile CS [EMI 105 832448]
Europe CD [Disky VI 649062]
Holland/EU CD [EMI 832448-2]
Holland CS [EMI 832448-4]
Indonesia CS [EMI/Aquarius Musikindo 7243 8324484 3/E0570]
Italy CD [EMI 832448-2]
Japan CD [Toshiba EMI TOCP-8520]
Malaysia CS [EMI 8324484]
Mexico CD [??]
Peru CS [EMI FE 02.0450]
South Africa CD [EMI CDEMCJ(WI)5592]
South Africa CS [EMI ??]
Taiwan CD [EMI 832448-2; various re-releases]
Thailand CS [Parlophone 8324484-3]
Thailand CS [K 730]
USA CD [Sire/Reprise 9 45879-2]
USA CD [BMG Direct D108125; record club edition]
USA CS [Sire/Reprise 9 45879-4]
USA CS [BMG Direct C108125; record club edition]
(unknown) CS [(no label) No. 5330]

Artwork information:
Cornelius Carr, boxer, a still taken from the video for Morrissey's song "Boxers", directed by James O'Brien. A different take is found on the back and on the LP's inner sleeve (view in left bar).

The UK promo photo (view left) comes from book by Nick Knight titled "Skinhead", published by Omnibus Press in 1982.


Additional release date information:
UK: 6 February 1995
USA/Canada: 21 February 1995
Japan: 8 April 1995


Chart peak information:
UK: 15
Canada: did not make the top 100
USA: 134


UK: The release of this compilation (as well as the "Boxers" single) was preceded with the distribution of a 2-track promo specially designed by Morrissey (view in left frame). It was manufactured on cd (CDRDJ6400) and 7" (RDJ6400), both formats featuring album tracks "Have-A-Go Merchant" and "Whatever Happens, I Love You" (although some of the 7"s mistakenly play "Boxers" b/w "Have-A-Go Merchant"). The release of this compilation was also promoted via the inclusion of album track "Spring-Heeled Jim" on "World Of Noise", a cd given away with the May 1995 copy of Q Magazine, and the inclusion of "Boxers" on volume 2 of the Parlophone sampler series "A Flavour Of The Label" (Parlophone CDWK 51) and on a sampler cd to be played in shops of the Our Price chain.

Brazil: The song "Boxers" was included on two different various artists promo cds sent to media or retail at the time of release of this album. One was titled "Promo Dial 9 - Abril 95" (EMI PP0037 2) and the other "Promo $ale - Abril 95" (EMI PP0038 2).

Canada: Stock copies of the cd were sent to radio with a press release from Warner Music Canada.

Japan: Promo cds were sent to radio with a red and white promo sticker on the back tray inlay and 'Sample not for sale' etched in black on the cd's inner ring.

USA: A Sire/Reprise advance cassette of the complete album, housed in a generic blue promo insert, was the first item sent out across the USA for promotion of this album. Gold-stamped copies of the stock cd later served the same purpose. The song "Boxers" was also featured on the Reprise sampler "Greetings From Area 51" (Sire/Reprise PRO-CD-7520) and on volume 4 of the "hu H" promo cd series (hu H HAO104D).