"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"
[1992 re-release]
collectors appendix


UK CD5 #1 [WEA YZ0003CD1 / 91152-2]
The first of two UK cd-singles shows the blue variation of the artwork on its front (view left). The back is the same light blue with brown text. There is a barcode and catalogue numbers at the top, the track listing in the middle and credits at the bottom (view left). The booklet is only a folded insert. Inside it is found a sepiatone version of the front artwork on the left and a b-sides track listing with credits on the right. The back of the booklet mentions the title track and personnel. The cd surface is light blue with brown text. It shows the catalogue numbers and "The Smiths" at the top, logos in the middle, and track listing with credits at the bottom. The case is a standard jewel case. It has a round white sticker on the front giving the band name, the title track and catalogue number plus "Contains rare and unreleased tracks / Part 1 of a 2 CD set".

UK CD5 #2 [WEA YZ0003CD2 / 91153-2]
The second UK cd-single shows a different photo of cover star Sandie Shaw in a pink tint (view left). There is no text on the front but there is a box in which a number was stamped because this item was limited and numbered. The back is the same pink with grey and black text. It gives the track listing of both cd-singles in black and credits in grey. The jewel case is a double one: one of the two spaces houses the cd while the other one is free because cd#1 was sold separately. Non-collectors could therefore move cd#1 into the case with cd#2 and get rid of its packaging. Meanwhile, in the free space is found a pale blue round card placeholder giving the track listing of cd#1 and stating that it was sold separately. The insert unfolds into a mini-poster. When unfolded it shows an untinted version of the front photo next to the lyrics to the title track over a pink background. When folded it shows inside a pink tinted version of the cover art to cd#1 next to a b-sides track listing and personnel credits. The back of this insert gives the title track and personnel. The reverse of the cd tray inlay shows a closeup of the background man from the front artwork. The cd surface is pink with grey text in the same layout as on cd#1. If it wasn't removed, the case has a round white sticker on the front giving the band name, the title track and catalogue number plus "CD 2 Limited Edition / This double CD box contains part 2 of a 2 cd set featuring Sandie Shaw".

UK 7" [WEA YZ0003 / 91151-7]
There are two different UK 7" editions. Both are found in the same thick and glossy sleeve. Its front shows the blue variation of the artwork just like that of cd#1, but the name of the band is positioned slightly differently (view left). The back is blue with track listing and credits in dark brown (view left).

  • paper label edition
    This is the more common edition. Its labels are the classic paper ones. They are pale blue and the text on them is brown. There is a barcode at the top on each side.
  • silver injection-moulded label edition
    This alternate edition has silver injection-moulded labels. Some collectors believe this edition to be a cheaper, later repressing, while others think it may have been made in the UK for some other European market not covered by the European edition described below.

UK cassette-single [WEA YZ0003C / 91151-4]
There are two different versions of the UK cassette-single. The insert is the same for both editions, and neither is marked as anything other than a UK edition although one or even both were probably produced for the European market. The blue variation of the artwork which was also used for the 7" and cd#1 was adapted for the format (view front artwork from left menu). The spine and back are pale blue with very dark brown text. The back features a barcode and Warner Music UK credits. The insert has one extra panel inside on which is given the track listing and credits. The cassette in both cases is made of black plastic with text printed onto it in light grey. The two editions differ in the text layout on the cassette:

  • version 1
    The WEA logo is in the top left corner and the catalogue number YZ0003C appears at the left of the holes. "The Smiths" and the track listing are found at the top. The right has the side number. A legal warning is found at the bottom.
  • version 2
    The WEA logo is found at the right of the holes. More information needed.


UK 7" jukebox [WEA YZ0003 / 91151-7]
This item is assumed to have been produced for jukebox play but for the time being this is only speculation. It is a variation on the silver injection-moulded 7" edition described above, but the labels are plain black plastic without any silver finish which means that the record needs to be seen in bright light for the moulded text to be readable. Also, instead of a solid centre, the record has a large hole at its middle. It comes housed in a plain black die-cut company sleeve.
YZ0003 A-02-1- QI / YZ0003 B-02-1- QI

UK 7" and cd promos [WEA YZ0003 / 91151-7]
Copies of the UK 7" single with a round white promo sticker on the back and the UK cd#2 with the same sticker on the front have been reported. The promo warning is "Promotional copy only not for resale". These may not be official promos but something put together by someone wanting to get a few extra dollars or pounds out of collectors.

UK promo video
One-track WEA promo video of "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out". Information needed.

UK various artists instore video
The "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" promotional film was also sent to media on a various artists promo videocassette titled "WEA-East/West Instore Video Compilation October 1992" which also features videos by REM, Madonna, Prince, the Lemonheads, Marky Mark, AC/DC, Mike Oldfield, etc. It is circulated in a plain white video slipcase with a white track listing sticker on one of its sides.

UK various artists instore cd [WEA PROMOCD37]
The single was promoted with the inclusion of "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" on this WEA-East West instore cd. The cd comes in a slimline jewel case and its insert features on the front the generic blue and white artwork with track listing. Other artists featured on the promo cd are Vangelis, Madonna, Chris Rea, Prince, Inner Circle, En Vogue, the Lemonheads, AC/DC, etc.

UK promo flat 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12")
This 12" by 12" card flat shows the blue variation of the artwork as seen on cd#1, with brown text over it. It was used to advertise the 7", cassette-single and CD#1.

UK promo flat 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12")
This 12" by 12" card flat shows the pink variation of the artwork as seen on cd#2, with black text over it. It was used to advertise CD#2.

UK promo counter stand
Heavy cardboard promo counter stand. View here (better photo needed).

UK ad 27cm x 40cm (11" x 16")
Black and white ad. View here.


UK in-house cassette [WEA YZ0003 / CD1 / CD2]
This in-house reference cassette features all the material appearing on every format of this single which means that the title track appears on it three times. The insert is a generic white Tape-to-Tape one. It has the track listing printed on the front and the first panel. The band name and title track are printed at the top and on the spine. A shiny silver WEA logo is found on the front and on the spine. The cassette is transparent with a sticker on each side, reading "A THE SMITHS" / "B THE SMITHS".

UK 12" acetate for 7"
This has a white Master Room label with "The Smiths" and "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" written in black marker on it. The item is one-sided.


Germany/Europe CD5 [WEA 91345-2]
The European compact disc single is packaged in a slimline jewel case. The front shows a slight variation on the artwork of UK cd#1, with a bit more of the image (because of the larger format) and a slightly different typeset. The back shows credits, a barcode and a WEA logo. The reverse of the J-card insert is pale blue with black (or dark brown?) track listing and credits. The cd surface is silver and the text on it is black. It is more or less the same text as on UK cd#1 but the catalogue number was corrected, credits were added around the cd's edge, and the line "Made in Germany" was added at the bottom.

Germany/Europe 7" [WEA YZ0003 / 91151-7]
The European 7" looks very much like its UK counterpart and casual collectors may even mistake it for a UK edition. The artwork on the front is exactly the same but the sleeve is made of paper instead of card and that there is no cut-out portion at the top to facilitate access to the record. The back differs from the back of the UK 7" sleeve by a few details. The two catalogue numbers under the barcode appear one above the other, with an additional French price code. A label code is found in the bottom right corner and the line "Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe" appears below the credits. The labels are made of blue paper with brown text just like in the UK, but a GEMA/BIEM box was added to the left and an upside down triangle with the number 45 inside is found at the very bottom, beneath the label code.


Germany/Europe CD5 promo with press sheet [WEA 91345-2]
In Germany, copies of the European cd-single were paired with a German "Produkt Information" press sheet and dispatched to media and/or retail. The sheet is about 5" by 5", which means that it can fit inside the cd case. It is a generic WEA/Warner press sheet with blue logos and printed release information, under the date '16.10.1992'.


Switzerland various artists promo video [(Warner Music Switzerland SA)]
The video for "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" was distributed in Switzerland on a various artists promo videocassette. Information needed.